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What Happens if You Gain Weight after Liposuction?

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Patients who have liposuction understand that it’s a body sculpting method to remove discrete areas of unwanted fat, not a weight-loss method. They are generally at goal weight or within 10 lbs of it. However, since we’re in the midst of the holiday period, you might want to know what could happen if you did gain weight after liposuction.

During liposuction, fat cells are permanently removed. They won’t grow back or be replaced. That means, for example, if you gain weight after liposuction of the thighs, an increase in weight won’t be reflected in the thigh area(s) where liposuction was performed. However, fat cells in other parts of the body will enlarge instead. If you’ve never had weight-gain in your tummy, for example, it could occur after liposuction of your thighs because it, essentially, cannot occur in the thighs.

Remember, holidays are for fun, family, traditions and outings. Enjoy yourself, but be careful to avoid gaining weight that will last long after the holidays!

Here are some tips to maintain your weight during the holidays whether or not you’ve had lipo!

  • Drink more water! Keeps you full, hydrated and makes your skin very happy!
  • Beware of calories in mixed drinks. A Cosmopolitan has 150-200 calories, compared with an 8 oz white wine spritzer, which has only 40.
  • Take advantage of shopping for exercise! Park far from the doors, walk up the escalators and wear your jogging shoes when you do holiday shopping.
  • Don’t neglect your sleep—studies prove that your body will react to sleep deprivation by increasing your appetite!