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What is Tridermal and Bidermal Rejuvenation?

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Tridermal rejuvenation® refers to the combination of three specific different procedures during the same treatment session at Reflections, namely the Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial, GentleYag skin tightening and the Erbium laser peel. Each component technology has it own specific advantage and targeted action. When used in combination, there is true synergy to the results, where the ‘total’ is greater than the sum of the parts.

What treatments are provided during Tridermal Rejuvenation, and in what order?

The process begins with pre-treatment photos to establish a baseline and then the application of a topical anesthetic for about 30-45 minutes. This is followed by the GentleYag skin tightening procedure which targets areas of skin laxity or looseness on the face. Next is the Photofacial which uses an advanced Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to target unwanted sun and age spots, broken capillaries and redness. The treatment proceeds with an Erbium Laser Peel which targets the very outer layer of skin, improving fine lines and surface textural abnormalities. The depth of this peel is tailored to your ability for downtime.

This novel combination of technologies improves the skin’s tone, texture, color and clarity, results that are very difficult to obtain with any one device today. It is suggested to perform this treatment as a series of two treatments, spaced one month apart.

Is downtime required after Tridermal Rejuvenation?

This treatment can be tailored to your ability for downtime. With a deep erbium laser peel, 3-4 days of downtime is required but this can be adjusted to avoid any need for downtime as well.

What is a Bidermal Rejuvenation®?

This refers to the combination of Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial and Erbium Peel, provided on the same day. For individuals without skin laxity, this is the preferred treatment approach.

Please see the sections on each of the three components of Tridermal Rejuvenation.

GentleYag skin tightening

Using a specialized long pulsed Nd:Yag laser and a series of comfortable and non-invasive treatments, we can tighten the skin and give you and your skin a big ‘lift’. Treatment indications are similar to that of two other popular lasers on the market today, Thermage and Titan. See GentleYag skin tightening for more details

Intense Pulsed Light (Photofacial)

Using a broad range of specialized wavelengths of light, this procedure treats sun and age spots, irregular pigmentation, broken capillaries and spider veins, facial redness as well as several other issues. See Intense Pulsed Light for more details.

Erbium Laser Peel

An advanced alternative to a chemical peel, this device is able to safely and precisely remove a predetermined amount of tissue from the surface of the skin, revealing smoother, younger looking and feeling skin. This portion of the treatment can be tailored to your ability for downtime. See Erbium Laser Peel for more information.