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What’s New in Cosmetic Medicine for 2016

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Cosmetic medicine has been going through a period of amazing innovation. It always seems like a new technology or technique has just been announced, and we love being able to work in a field that’s so exciting and dynamic. New techniques and technologies also mean we get to provide patients with more and better treatment options. We’re almost half-way through 2016, so it seems fitting to recap what’s new in the cosmetic medicine industry, thus far.

Juvederm announces VOLBELLA™ + VOLIFT™

Allergan, the makers of Botox, Kybella, and the Juvederm family of products will be introducing two new products this year: VOLBELLA and VOLIFT. Both products utilize Allergan’s hyaluronic acid VYCROSS™ technology – the lifting property that has made VOLUMA™ such a standout in the dermal filler market.

VOLBELLA just received FDA Approval on June 1, and is approved to correct lip lines and enhance the lip’s shape in a subtle and natural way. Juvederm Ultra has been used for years in lip enhancement, but VOLBELLA provides a greater level of control. It’s been described as the “lip liner effect” because VOLBELLA allows the physician to redefine the lip shape, including the borders, rather than just enlarging the shape that natural occurs.  The majority of patients who received treatment with VOLBELLA see results lasting a year, so that’s also a big improvement on the current 3-6 month products.

VOLIFT has not yet cleared the FDA approvals, but will provide a new option for rejuvenating the lower face, including the jawline and chin.

Shorter Treatment Times + New Treatment Areas for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has introduced new protocols which allow the treatment time for most areas to 35 minutes (down from 60 minutes). This innovative application of CoolSculpting’s treatment to freeze the fat away is also free of suction, reducing the risk of bruising or numbness following treatment.

CoolSculpting has also received FDA clearance for several new treatment areas, including the neck (double chin), bra fat (back fat), and banana roll (the fat just under your butt on the back of the thigh). Reflections has long known that CoolSculpting is the treatment of choice for bra fat, but we’re excited to see new applications like CoolMini for neck. We can’t wait to see what other treatment innovations CoolSculpting reveals next!

More Non-Invasive + Minimally Invasive Options

Minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments are exploding – between Kybella, Radiofrequency Microneedling, PiQ04 Laser, SculpSure, and Bellafill we’ve added 6 new technologies to our practice in the last few months, and we fully expect with the new treatments on the horizon, to continue to add cutting edge treatments in the coming year. We love minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments because they allow us to offer patients the shortened downtime and recovery that patients want, but it’s important with these treatments to properly identify which treatment option will suit the individual’s goals and achieve the optimal result. Having such a wide range of technologies to use allows us to ensure we are offering patients the best options, provided by physicians who are experienced in these treatments and techniques.

Pairing Procedures for Better Results

Cosmetic surgery often offers the ability to address multiple concerns in the same treatment session – for example, laser liposuction removes excess fat while simultaneously tightening and thickening the skin in a single procedure. Non-invasive treatments, however, tend to treat one concern – such as excess fat or skin laxity – per procedure. Physicians leading the industry, however, are learning the best ways to combine these procedures to achieve improvement of multiple concerns. For example, Exillis or ThermiRF can combine with SculpSure for fat reduction and skin tightening.

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