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You’re ambitious. You don’t believe in sacrifice to achieve work-life balance you know you can have it all. You’re so good at juggling the demands of work and still take amazing care of your family and friends even if you sometimes feel like you’re running crazy, you always manage to get it all done. But the dark circles under your eyes tell a different story.

Those dark circles and bags under your eyes say you’re not sleeping enough, even when you are. You’re tired of people asking if you’re tired or sick. All of the concealers and creams you’ve tried have done nothing. You’re ready for a real solution with real results that last.

What Can I do About My Dark Circles or Bags Under My Eyes?

IdealEyes? is the BEST Combination of Treatments for Comprehensive Under Eye Rejuvenation in a Single One-Time Procedure.

IdealEyes is Reflections’ unique approach to treating all of the underlying problems that create dark circles and under eye bags, including loss of normal fat volume, dark discoloration, excess skin, and too-thin skin. This procedure is customized to the individual, and includes any and all of the options below, in a single one-time treatment for long-lasting and natural-looking results.

The Best Treatments Broken Down by the Symptoms they Work Best For:

Deep Tear Troughs and Hollowness

Loss of normal fat pads under the eye causes deep circles and tear troughs (diagonal grooves). The best way to fix lost volume is to replace it, either with your own fat transferred from an unwanted area to the area of missing volume or with dermal fillers which are specifically formulated to replicate normal volume in that particular area.

DERMAL FILLERS are a great choice for replacing lost fat under the eye1, especially as a first treatment option. The dermal fillers that work best under the eyes are hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule within the skin that helps hold moisture within the skin’s layers. It creates a smooth, natural-moving result with a very short downtime and very low risk. Most patients who receive under eye fillers feel no one need to take time away from family, work, or social engagements after their treatment, which makes it the perfect fit for a busy lifestyle.

FAT TRANSFER moves fat from unwanted areas, like the stomach and love handles, and transfers it to areas that could use more fat. Undereye Hollows are caused by a loss of normal fat pads. So replacing lost fat with your own fat is a perfect, long-lasting solution to that problem.

“Most of all, he is a knowledgeable and skilled “artist” who can “tweak” you just enough to make you look so much better… but not different.”
 Baby.in.the.corner via RealSelf.com review about under eye filler

Dark Discoloration

Dark discoloration can be caused by shadows, hyperpigmentation, or blood pooling under thin skin, or by a combination of these. Shadows are typically caused by the eye or brow structures above and are due to a lack of normal fat pad below the eye. When this is the case, filling in that lost fat with fat transfer or dermal fillers may be all you need. When skin is too thin and allows poorly circulated blood to created a dark cast, then thickening the skin and/or resolving the circulation issues is the solution. When hyperpigmentation, an unnecessary build-up of dark colored cells (melanin) within the skin, usually in response to irritation of that skin, is the cause, then hydroquinone is the best solution.

It can be very difficult to determine the underlying cause of discoloration below the eye. That’s why we offer complimentary consultations with our team of specially-trained cosmetic physicians who will help you get to the root cause of your under eye issues.

LASERS FOR HYPERPIGMENTATION AND BLUE VEINS are the best options for clearing away poorly-draining capillaries. This is what commonly causes that dark blue or purplish tint to the undereyes. Laser treatment for this concern2 is simple and quick with almost no downtime.

HYDROQUINONE is a topical medication used to reduce the melanin in an area of hyperpigmented skin3. Use of this product in the eye area should be closely monitored by a physician, as it does have the ability to thin the skin, and skin below the eye is already thin to begin with. This product works well for skin that is developing deep discoloration due to irritation and rubbing. However, the irritation and rubbing that caused the issue must also be addressed in order to see best results.

IdealEyes is a unique treatment that uses a combination of laser, microneedling, and fat transfer to restore the under eye’s skin tone and smoothness. It works best for those with hollows and fine lines, as opposed to those with deeper wrinkles and no indentation or puffy bags.

Creases and Wrinkles Under the Eyes

THERMISMOOTH EYES is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment4 that tightens and thickens the skin around the eyes. Radiofrequency gently heats the skin’s deepest layers, to stimulate collagen regrowth that develops naturally over a few months following the treatment. By rebuilding the internal support layers over time, this treatment offers completely natural results that are all your own, and are long-lasting. This is a favorite among our busiest clients who can’t afford downtime or prefer the discretion of a treatment without the risk of any incisions or dramatic overnight changes.

LASER SKIN TIGHTENING AND THICKENING is a great option for those with thin skin and fine lines under their eyes. Laser skin resurfacing will help to tighten the skin and thicken it by rebuilding the underlayer of collagen support. This creates a very natural result, which develops over time, and is long-lasting. Reflections has many different laser options for achieving this result, including options for several lighter treatments with short downtimes or few/one treatment solutions with more significant recovery. These can be customized to fit your lifestyle, as well as treat other concerns like pigmentation and sun damage.

CO2 LASER SKIN RESURFACING is our most intense ablative fractional laser5 that creates amazing, dramatic results. This surgical-grade CO2 laser treatment is a game changer and takes years off in a single treatment, by tightening and thickening the skin around the eyes.

LOWER BLEPHAROPLASTY (EYELID SURGERY) removes excess skin under the eyes and corrects any bulging fat pads below the eye. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia in our private surgical suite in under an hour.


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Age, Allergies, Genetics, but Likely Not Your Lifestyle

Deep bags or dark circles under the eyes can make you look tired and sick. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. So what does cause deep hollows, bags, and dark circles under the eyes?

GENETICS is the most common culprit. Young and old alike, when we ask patients if their family members also suffered from dark circles, they nearly always say, yes, I saw this coming because my parents or siblings suffered from the exact same thing.

ALLERGIES are another common cause of undereye puffiness and discoloration. Why? Because allergies cause inflammation and swelling which can cause circulation problems. This often leads to blue unoxygenated blood pooling in the capillaries below the eyes, and with the thin skin in this area, that blood creates a dark blue or purple tint to the undereye. Swelling from inflammation inside the sinuses or from eye irritation causes puffiness. Constant rubbing of this area can actually lead to permanent discoloration of the skin called hyperpigmentation and faster loss of normal fat pads under the eyes. Managing any allergy symptoms is an important step to creating a youthful undereye, but allergy sufferers will also want to take steps to undo the damage to the undereye after allergies have been managed.

AGE and time are not on our side when it comes to undereyes. The face loses fat as we age, and one of the most noticeable places this shows up is in the undereye. When fat first starts to melt away, we see a small moon-like semi-circle hollow develop below the eye. As fat pads that support the cheek start to wither away, this crescent turns into a deeper diagonal groove that starts at the inner eye and cuts down across the upper cheek.


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