Gently and easily remove sun spots and unwanted hair with the GentleLase

Using laser energy that is attracted to melanin, the GentleLase 755 nm long pulse Alexandrite laser can be used to treat unwanted sun, age, or brown spots on the skin. This treatment can be performed by itself or as part of a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation program. This laser is safe for use on patients with lighter skin types, on all areas of the face or body.

What does the treatment feel like and is downtime required?

Sunspot treatment

Sun Spot treatment is quite comfortable and requires no anesthesia. After treatment you will notice the unwanted brown spots will be darker in color and will flake off over the next week. They may become lighter in color with each treatment or be removed by a single treatment. Makeup can be worn after the procedure.

Hair removal treatment

GentleLase-Laser-hair-removal-before-afterThis laser emits a gentle beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle where it stunts hair growth. GentleLASE results in permanent hair reduction — a long-term stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing after a treatment regime. This laser offers faster treatment times and enhanced patient comfort than previous laser machines. The GentleLASE is also not as painful as waxing or electrolysis.  The integrated dynamic cooling device emits cooling spray milliseconds before each laser for increased comfort and skin preservation. All areas of the body, including face, neck, underarms, bikini line, legs, back, and ears can be treated. The area in between the eyebrows can be treated, however, eyebrows should never be shaped with a laser.

We use both the GentleLase Plus as well as the Mini GentleLase lasers at Reflections. These are considered by many to be the safest and most effective lasers for hair removal.

Depending on the density of hair, hair color and hormonal factors, the number of treatments required varies from four to eight, spaced four to six weeks apart for the face, and six to eight weeks apart for the torso and legs. With each treatment there is a cumulative damage to the hair follicle, resulting in a progressive reduction in the number and diameter of the hairs regrowing. Hairs in the active growth phase are more responsive to the laser.

What does the treatment feel like?

The treatment is quite comfortable and requires no anesthesia. Patients describe the sensation to be similar to the snap of a warm rubber band. Patients can elect to use topical anesthetic cream if they desire. One example is called Ela-Max. This is available in a 4% or 5% formulation. It is most effective when applied 30 to 40 minutes prior to the procedure. Makeup can be worn after the procedure.

What is Ela-Max and how do I apply it?

Ela-Max is a brand name for a cream that contains an anesthetic called lidocaine. To apply, first clean the area with soap and warm water and gently pat dry. Then rub a thin layer of the cream into the area to be treated. Following this, apply a heavy layer of cream, as thick as icing on a cake, to the same area. This is the approach to achieve maximal anesthetic properties from the Ela-max. The Ela-Max should be applied in the office approximately 30 to 40 minutes prior to the procedure. We don’t recommend using the cream on a large surface area such as the legs or back and this should not be occluded.

Is downtime required?

We don’t consider this a downtime procedure, but don’t advise having this done if you have a special occasion coming up in the next week or two. Sun avoidance is advised after laser hair removal.

What should I do in preparation for treatment?

Treatment cannot be performed on tanned skin and tanning is prohibited after treatment. The use of a high grade sunblock is suggested.