ThermiTight is a Minimally Invasive approach to Body Skin Tightening.

Tummy tucks have become such a popular procedure, and body lifts of all kinds have exploded in popularity in recent years. But the recovery from those procedures can be quite intense, and they do leave behind significant scarring. ThermiTight offers a minimally invasive alternative that tightens and lifts loose skin, while also improving skin thickness and tone.

How does ThermiTight work for the body? What is ThermiTight?

ThermiTight is an injectable method of delivering radiofrequency energy that allows for precise heating of targeted treatment areas. It can be used to reduce small amounts of fat as well as tone and tighten the skin. The heat of the radiofrequency energy induces collagen production and creates a “shrink-wrap” effect on the body.

What areas of the face does ThermiTight work best for on the body

Loose Belly Skin

Loose skin on the abdomen is frequently mistaken for excess fat. But if no amount of gym time or strict dieting is helping, you may be struggling with skin, not fat. Childbirth and weight-loss are the most common sources of damage to the belly skin. Many patients work so hard to get their body back after having children or to finally loose that extra weight, only to be saddled with a bit of loose, crepey skin on the lower belly. While some people really need a tummy tuck to get their desired results, others can benefit from a non-surgical solution like ThermiTight. And unlike lotions or over-the-skin technologies, ThermiTight delivers its energy precisely where it’s needed to restore the skin’s natural elasticity and tighten sagging skin on the belly.

Non-Surgical Breast Lift

ThermiBreast is really making waves in the cosmetic surgery world. For years, plastic surgeons have said the only way to lift a breast was to use surgical breast lifting techniques that leave behind very large scars. This has kept many women from having a breast lift procedure. New protocols for breast lifting with ThermiTight have shown up to 1.75 inches of lift, without large scars. In fact, ThermiTight leaves behind 4 little dots that often fade into no visible scarring at all.

Drooping Bat-Wing Arms

Loose skin in the upper arm can develop from age-related changes or weight fluctuations. Some women avoid tank tops all summer long because they don’t like the way the loose skin on the back of their arms droops and sways. While surgery is an option for some, many wish to avoid the anesthesia, the bruising, and the downtime associated with surgery – no mention the noticeable scars left by arm lift surgeries. ThermiTight can help to tighten loose skin on the back of the arms in a single minimally-invasive treatment, improving their appearance and opening up a whole host of summer wardrobe options, all without the need for skin tightening surgery.

Wrinkled Knee Skin

The excess skin above the knee bothers many women as they advance in age. ThermiTight offers a unique solution for sagging knee skin, allowing us to lift and tighten the area, minimizing the appearance of those folds and wrinkles that make you say “no” to skirts.

Wavy Orange-Peel Cellulite

Cellulite is a common problem for women of all ages. ThermiTight is the treatment of choice when both loose, thin skin and excess fat bulges are to blame, but the patient desires a nonsurgical approach with a short recovery period. ThermiTight melts away fat bulges and smoothes away contour irregularities, then thickens and tightens the skin for a smooth, toned appearance.


What is the ThermiTight Treatment like?

Our ThermiTight procedures are performed in our private ensuite procedure rooms or surgical suite, depending upon the areas being treated. Both types of treatment rooms feature cozy patient beds and the ability to listen to music or watch TV (your choice) throughout the procedure.

Your ThermiTight treatment will start with localized numbing, very similar to the Novocaine injections used by dentists to fill cavities. You can read more about the numbing process in the anesthesia section below.

Once numb, the doctor will use a very small probe to deliver radiofrequency energy beneath the skin. A specialized heat-mapping camera is built into the ThermiRF platform, in addition to a thermo-regulating tip. Both of these ensure a safe and effective treatment. The tip of the probe measures the temperature of the surrounding tissue several times a second and adjusts the radio-frequency levels to provide optimal heating. The heat-mapping camera allows the physician to monitor skin surface temperatures. The entire process relies on generating just the right amounts of heat in certain layers of the skin and fatty tissues. A warmer temperature melts fat, a slightly cooler temperature helps remodel collagen, and each of these optimal temperature settings can vary amongst the treatment areas.

The actual procedure can last from 30 minutes up to 2-3 hours, depending upon the size of the area(s) treated. ThermiTight body procedures typically take 1-2 hours to complete. Afterward, you will be wrapped in a healing compression garment and ready to head home. You can read more about the compression garment and aftercare process in the recovery section below.

Am I a Candidate for ThermiTight?

Most people would be considered a good candidate for ThermiTight skin tightening for the body. There are a few exceptions, though, that you should be aware of. Patients with pacemakers (AICDs), implantable spinal cord stimulator, cochlear implants, and defibrillators should not have radiofrequency treatments, including ThermiTight. ThermiTight has not been studied for safety in pregnant women. You should also be aware that if you are on blood thinners or some other medications, there is an increased risk of significant bruising. For this reason, please bring an up-to-date list of your medications with you to your consultation, so we can minimize these risks. Bruising will not affect your results, but it will increase your downtime, which we always try to keep as minimal as possible.

What is Recovery After ThermiTight Like? Will I Need to Take Time Off From Work?

All patients experience some swelling and redness after ThermiTight. We have found ways to minimize the swelling, both through technique used during the procedure and through certain aftercare instructions we give to all of our patients. Bruising is rare, but is a risk. Swelling usually resolves within a few days following the procedure.

Patients who wish to keep their treatment private usually take a few days off from work and social engagements, to allow swelling to subside. Typically a patient who has the procedure on a Thursday or Friday should feel confident returning to work on Monday.

After your procedure, you will be wrapped in a compression garment designed to support the tissue as it heals and reduce swelling and recovery time. Compression garments help with lymph drainage and circulation, as well as relieving tissues of gravity’s pulls while they heal, allowing tissue to contract the maximum amount possible. You will be given instructions on how and when to wear your garment. These instruction vary by the treatment area. For a large abdominal treatment, you can expect to wear a garment 24 hours a day for the first week, and then only at night for the next 2-3 weeks. Garments are similar to Spanx. They are firm, but should not pinch or constrict.

What Kind of Anesthesia or Numbing is Used with ThermiTight

ThermiTight is performed under local anesthetic. We do offer relaxing medications for patients who are anxious about the procedure, but it is exceedingly rare that patients need them. Once the local anesthetic has been given, you will feel numb, just like you do at the dentist. It will take a few hours to wear off. We typically give patients over-the-counter Advil to ensure they feel comfortable for the evening.

Who Performs ThermiTight at Reflections?

ThermiTight is performed by specially trained cosmetic physicians at Reflections. The New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners has some strict rules about who can perform radiofrequency treatments like ThermiTight, and we have to agree that they are right in their limitations. Only a physician should perform this procedure. ThermiTight is a very safe procedure when performed by a physician who has a deep understanding of anatomy and the experience to provide a precise treatment. At Reflections, this is procedure is limited to a select group of our team of physicians who have received additional training and have extensive experience with ThermiTight. This allows us to ensure patient safety and provides the best results possible.

Is ThermiTight Safe?

ThermiTight is FDA-Cleared for safety and efficacy and has been used for several years by the specially trained physicians at Reflections with no serious incidents (no complications beyond swelling or bruising). ThermiTight relies on radio-frequency heating of the tissues to affect certain changes to fat and skin layers. To ensure the precision of temperature, ThermiTight offers two constant measures of tissue temperature. This is what sets ThermiTight ahead of the competition – this level of precision simply isn’t available in many other modalities. ThermiTight has an internal thermostat at the probe tip, where energy is delivered beneath the skin, which adjusts the energy based on readings taken several times a second. There is also an external heat-mapping camera which gives the physician a visual map of where the heat is being placed and exactly what temperature the tissue in that area is. Results from ThermiTight have been optimized using temperatures that vary by 1′ celsius, so precision heat-mapping allows us to achieve the very best and safest results possible.

What are Alternatives to ThermiTight for Body Skin Tightening?

Unlike energy devices which rely on transference (pushing energy through the top layers of the skin to treat the deeper tissue layers), such as ThermiSmooth, Exilis, and Ultherapy, ThermiTight is able to deliver more energy with greater precision. With ThermiSmooth, Exilis, and Ultherapy, you are somewhat limited in the amount of energy that can be delivered, because the energy can’t be so great that it would damage the upper layers of the skin. Now the trade-off here is that Ultherapy, Exilis, and ThermiSmooth are non-invasive, so there really isn’t any downtime with those treatments. Because ThermiSmooth, Exilis, and Ultherapy offer less energy per treatment, we often recommend them as a series of treatments to see the same level of result you would from one ThermiTight treatment (we never recommend ThermiTight as a series – it’s one treatment that may be repeated several years later when the results start to diminish due to continued aging). Ultherapy is focused ultrasound for skin tightening. ThermiSmooth is the non-invasive setting on the ThermiRF machine which houses both ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth and is a radio-frequency device. Exilis was originally just a radio-frequency treatment, but they have recently updated the device to combine both radio-frequency and ultrasound into the treatment. This does create an easier, faster treatment with more predictable results. For non-invasive body skin tightening, Exilis is currently our favorite, because it’s able to combine the best of both worlds.

The most similar treatment we offer to ThermiTight is PrecisionTX. Where ThermiTight uses radio-frequency, PrecisionTX uses laser energy. PrecisionTX is very similar in that it delivers the energy below the skin, for a precise treatment. It is part of the Smartlipo Triplex system, which means it can easily be added on to a liposuction procedure, though it does not have to be used for fat reduction. Our choice between these two treatments depends upon the treatment area, the individual’s anatomy, and goals for the treatment beyond skin tightening (such as extent of fat removal and smoothing desired).

To learn more about alternative treatments, please visit our body skin tightening page, which includes a full discussion of all available options, including those we don’t offer and why.

Feel confident in your own skin with ThermiTight body treatments.

Medical Director at Reflections Center

Dr. Mitchell Chasin founded Reflections Center for skin & body as a place where physicians specializing in cosmetic medicine could focus on helping empower patients to feel their most beautiful. Dr. Chasin believes strongly that the best cosmetic physicians are those who are dedicated to mastering their craft through continuing education and collaboration with the industry’s top doctors.