NonSurgical cellulite reduction that the stars swear by!

VelaShape is a radiofrequency and light therapy massage treatment that improves the look of cellulite in both the short-term and long-term. It is the only nonsurgical treatment FDA-Approved and scientifically proven to both reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce overall circumference.

VelaShape Cellulite Treatment

VelaShape uses infrared light and radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the fat and skin in the treated area. This helps reduce the amount of fat held in the area, for a smaller circumference, as well as stimulating the growth of new collagen for skin that’s firmer, smoother, and tighter. At the same time, VelaShape uses vacuum and massage to make the treatment feel wonderful and to give skin a smooth, firm appearance in the short term. Because VelaShape combines treatments that offer both short and long-term improvement in skin’s smoothness, it’s a favorite among women looking get bikini-confident fast!

Who VelaShape Works Best For

Cellulite and crinkly skin seem to pop up nearly anywhere they please – from thighs and knees to arms and elbows, and bellies in between. VelaShape can be used on any part of the body where you wish to see smoother skin.
The women who really love VelaShape in our practice are:

  • Moms who want a tighter tummy
  • Women of all ages with cellulite on their legs and/or bum

For moms, the appeal is a tummy tightening treatment that can be done without any downtime or surgery. For any woman, the idea of a treatment that’s nonsurgical and offers smoother, tighter skin in just a few weeks is the ideal pre-swim-season treatment. Our patients who choose VelaShape to help them get ready for bikini season rave about how confident they feel, without making drastic changes to their lifestyle.


VelaShape Costs

VelaShape typically costs $250-600 per treatment, depending upon the number of areas treated and their size. We do offer patients a discount when they purchase a recommended number of treatments at the same time, also called “package pricing.”

Treatment Sessions & Timing

VelaShape works best when performed as a series of treatments. Typically patients start to notice results around their second or third treatment, with the best results seen about 6-8 weeks after 6 treatments, spaced a week apart. Most patients will want to refresh their results with period touch-up treatments and improve their results through a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions About VelaShape

What kind of numbing or anesthesia is used for VelaShape?

VelaShape doesn’t require any numbing or anesthesia because the treatment was designed with patient comfort in mind. Read the item below for more details on what you can expect during your treatment.

Will VelaShape hurt? What will it feel like?

VelaShape uses a unique massaging applicator with suction that gently kneads the skin into the ideal position for treatment. The warmth of the treatment combined with the massage creates a comfortable treatment that feels like a deep tissue massage. This blog post gives a great description of what to expect in terms of treatment comfort, the longevity of results, etc. as a patient.
Velashape Works for Cellulite and Skin Tightening

Am I a good candidate for VelaShape?

Most healthy patients are good candidates for VelaShape treatment, but the following types of people are not suitable for treatment with VelaShape:

  • Patients with type I or II diabetes
  • Patients with anticoagulative conditions
  • Patients prone to blood clots
  • Photosensitive or sunburnt patients (tanned skin is okay)
  • Pregnant women (patients should wait until after giving birth to have this treatment)
  • People with pacemakers, heart valves, metal hip joints or dental plates

How long does the treatment last?

The actual treatment usually lasts from 20-60 minutes per session, depending upon how many areas are being treated, and their size.

Is VelaShape safe?

VelaShape has received FDA Approval for its safety and efficacy. There are no restrictions or risks based upon skin tone or type with VelaShape, as it is not a laser.

Will I have any downtime after my treatment?

VelaShape will leave the skin of the treated area red and warm for up to 4 hours following treatment. This shouldn’t keep you from resuming any normal activities, but this is something to be aware of when planning your treatments. Bruising is possible, but very rare in our experience, and usually limited to patients who are on blood-thinning agents or who are particularly proned to bruising.

How do I maximize my results from VelaShape?

You can improve upon your VelaShape results by living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your results with regular “touch-up” treatments.
You can also combine VelaShape with the following treatments to boost collagen growth even more, creating smoother, firmer, and tighter skin at a cellular level:


What Are Alternatives to VelaShape?

We really only recommend VelaShape to patients who are seeking to improve the look of cellulite. Occasionally other practices try to push VelaShape as a way to reduce fat. It’s not very good at reducing pockets of unwanted fat. For that, you’d want to choose Sculpsure or CoolSculpting, the top nonsurgical fat reduction treatments.
If you’re looking for a more permanent and complete solution to cellulite in a single treatment, we recommend Cellulaze, which is a surgical cellulite treatment that involves mild liposuction and deep laser skin resurfacing.

Why choose Reflections in New Jersey for my VelaShape Treatment?

The team of dedicated physicians has a wide array of body contouring and sculpting treatments at our disposal because we know there’s no one treatment that is best for every body. Having options allows us to help you pick the right treatment for your body, budget, and lifestyle. At Reflections, you can trust that we’ll help you look and feel your best, using the latest in Cosmetic Medicine.

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