If you’ve been suffering with melasma that’s not reacting well to treatments, or is maybe even getting worse after lasers, chemical peels, or skincare trial-and-error, this is a treatment our doctors would love to discuss with you.

Tranexamic Acid (often abbreviated as TXA or TA) is a synthesized amino acid that is used to treat moderate to severe melasma, especially in patients that have not had success with other treatments like lasers, skincare (sunscreen), and other prescription medication. TXA Restore uses precision micro-injection to deliver this groundbreaking drug along with other brightening agents like vitamin C, in a safer, more effective treatment.
TXA Restore™ is available exclusively at Reflections Center in New Jersey; It is a treatment our doctors created to perfect the delivery of a very powerful and proven drug to treat melasma, Tranexamic Acid.

How is Tranexamic Acid Used to Treat Melasma?

Tranexamic Acid (abbreviated as either TA or TXA) can be delivered in a variety of formats (pills, topicals, injections, etc.), but it always functions the same way to treat melasma, and that pathway is that this synthesized amino acid interrupts the creation of new melanocytes, which are the cellular precursors to melanin, the cause of the dark brownish-grey patches that are characteristic of melasma. You can learn much more about Tranexamic Acid and how it’s used to treat melasma on our tranexamic acid page.

During TXA Restore™, Tranexamic Acid is Precision-Injected Using a Computer-Controlled Micro-Injection System

This unique treatment overcomes the main obstacles in what we as doctors have known for some time is the best way to use TXA in treating melasma, which is to inject it into the layers of the skin.
Previously, injecting TXA relied on the doctor’s hand precision and endurance – and was a long and arduous process of repeating hundreds of tiny injections with precision, throughout the entire face. It was nearly impossible for both patient and doctor.
This new treatment technology harnesses a computer to manage the flow of Tranexamic Acid and other brightening agents like vitamin C, through hollow-tipped needles, as well as controlling the depth of injection, and it does this with a micro-needling-esque handpiece that delivers many, many injections with each stamp – so the process is precise, much faster, and much more comfortable for the patient. The experience for the patient is most similar to an RF Microneedling treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions About TXA Restore™

What is the Downtime & Recovery Like?

When you leave our office, your skin will be red and you might have some pinpoint bleeding or scabbing. This will resolve over the course of a day or two.

Does it Hurt? Will I Be Numbed or Need Anesthesia?

We use a numbing cream that takes about 30-45 to take full effect, in order to make this procedure as comfortable as possible. As always, we will discuss this in detail during your consultation, and we have the ability to increase numbing and offer other options, like ProNox, for patients who are anxious about pain involved in this treatment. However, we haven’t had any patients need more than topical numbing cream thus far.

How Much Does It Cost?

Treatment for the full face is normally $900, but is available for a limited time at an introductory rate of $750.

Medical Director at Reflections Center

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