What Is ThermiTight

  • The most powerful non-surgical skin tightening treatment available
  • Most frequently used to tighten skin on the face and neck, but can also be used on the belly, the arms, and other areas that can benefit from tighter skin
  • Delivers safe Radiofrequency energy under the skin for maximum tightening
  • Minimally invasive procedure that requires just a few tiny openings and minimal downtime

What should you do about sagging skin?

If you’re wondering what to do about sagging or loose skin, you’re not alone. As we age, everyone’s skin loses its natural elasticity, and things like sun exposure, smoking and even drinking make it worse.

Fortunately, skin tightening procedures like ThermiTight can help undo the damage done by time, restoring the skin’s natural elasticity and improving the appearance of everything from sagging jowls, to crepey skin on the neck, to loose skin on the stomach, to sagging skin on the back of the arms, and more, all in a single treatment.


ThermiTight Helps Treat:

Sagging Jowls

Thermitight-sin-tightening-nj-jowls-before-and-afterBefore ThermiTight, there wasn’t a non-surgical solution for sagging jowls that produced reliable results for many different types of patients. While many people respond well to non-invasive treatments like Ulthera or Thermage, others need a more profound solution to tighten the sagging skin along their jawline, but they still don’t want the risk or downtime associated with surgery. ThermiTight provides excellent non-surgical results with minimal downtime.

Drooping Skin on the Neck

ThermiTight-skin-tightening-nj-chin-2-before-and-afterMany women have loose, crepey skin that droops on the neck, creating unflattering lines and contours. ThermiTight can be used to tighten loose skin on the neck and under the chin, which in turn diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles and creates a more pleasing profile. Imagine no more hiding your neck with scarves or high collars after a single ThermiTight treatment!

Double Chin

ThermiTight-skin-tightening-nj-chin-before and afterDeveloping excess fat along the jawline and under the chin is a common thing as we age, and for some people, no amount of diet or exercise seems to help. Thankfully, this area can be expertly resculpted in a single ThermiTight and liposuction combination treatment, removing excess fat, and tightening and lifting the skin to give your lower face a more defined and trim appearance.

Loose Belly Skin

ThermiTight-skin-tightening-nj-belly-before and afterWe see a lot of patients who have gotten their body back after having children or have finally lost that extra weight, only to be saddled with a bit of loose, crepey skin on the lower belly. While some people really need a tummy tuck to get their desired results, others can benefit from a non-surgical solution like ThermiTight. And unlike lotions or over-the-skin technologies, ThermiTight delivers its energy precisely where it’s needed to restore the skin’s natural elasticity and tighten sagging skin on the belly.

Drooping Arms

ThermiTight-skin-tightening-arms-nj-before and afterSome women avoid tank tops all summer long because they don’t like the way the loose skin on the back of their arms droops and sways. While surgery is an option for some, many wish to avoid the anesthesia, the bruising, and the downtime associated with surgery. ThermiTight can help to tighten loose skin on the back of the arms in a single minimally-invasive treatment, improving their appearance and opening up a whole host of summer wardrobe options, all without the need for skin tightening surgery.

Crepey Skin on the Knees

We see many women who are bothered by crepey skin that collects together at the top of their knees. ThermiTight offers a unique solution for sagging knee skin, allowing us to lift and tighten the area, minimizing the appearance of those folds and wrinkles that make you say “no” to skirts.

How it works

ThermiTight is so powerful because it delivers its energy directly where it’s needed – to the innermost structures of the skin. This is done with a thin treatment wand, inserted though a tiny opening in the skin so small it only requires a Band-Aid after treatment. The wand is passed back and forth under the skin in a fanning pattern, delivering radiofrequency energy that creates a precise amount of heating.

FLIR-2This heating promotes the formation of collagen (the building block of youthful skin) directly in the layer of skin where sagging issues form. ThermiTight allows us to deliver the right amount of energy to the right spot in the skin, resulting in better, more predictable results from the inside out.

The “Sweet Spot” in Skin Tightening

Because ThermiTight’s energy isn’t being delivered through the sensitive outer layers of the skin, the amount of restorative energy can be increased to optimal therapeutic levels without having to worry about damaging the skin’s tender surface or passing through nerve cells and causing discomfort. Other well-known devices that deliver their energy through the skin are limited by this – ThermiTight is not.

And, because ThermiTight doesn’t require the general anesthesia or the long downtime you’d have with surgery, it’s a great option for those who aren’t ready or willing to take on the risks and inconveniences that come with a visit to the surgeon.

ThermiTight sits in the sweet spot between traditional energy-based devices and cosmetic surgery, offering meaningful cosmetic results in a minimally invasive procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an ideal candidate for ThermiTight?

The best candidates for ThermiTight are people who want to delay having a major surgical procedure to correct their loose skin, but still want to see a meaningful improvement in a single treatment session. They may have tried non-invasive skin tightening treatments in the past, and are looking for a procedure that’s more powerful but doesn’t have the downtime and risks associated with surgery. We will assess your skin during your complimentary consultation to see if you’re a good candidate for ThermiTight. Many people are, but some have laxity that is beyond the reach of ThermiTight and really need a surgical solution. We’ll be upfront about this and work to pair you with the best solution for your particular needs.

Is ThermiTight Safe?

The radiofrequency energy used in the ThermiTight treatment has been used in cosmetic rejuvenation devices for years and years, and has proven to be safe and reliable. Also, the energy delivered by the ThermiTight treatment wand is closely regulated by a thermistor, which ensures the optimal therapeutic temperature is being maintained during treatment. ThermiTight also features an infrared camera that allows the physician to visually monitor the temperature of the skin to make sure the treatment is even and no single area receives too much energy. Overall, the ThermiTight treatment is precise, safe, and delivers meaningful cosmetic results.

When will I see results?

Many patients say they see an immediate benefit, but the full results of a ThermiTight treatment unfold over the weeks and months following the procedure, as the collagen-stimulating effects take hold. Most patients feel these results are worth the wait, as ThermiTight enjoys a 94 percent approval rating on Real Self.

Does ThermiTight hurt?

Thanks to the use of numbing fluid in the treatment area, ThermiTight is a well-tolerated procedure.

Is there any downtime with ThermiTight?

Many people resume their normal activates a day or two after their ThermiTight skin tightening treatment, and some experience some bruising and swelling for about a week after the procedure. Like many things, this varies from patient to patient and where on your body the treatment was performed, and we’ll discuss what you can expect in particular when you come in for your complimentary ThermiTight consultation.

What’s a ThermiTight Procedure Like?

Treatment starts when numbing fluid is gently infiltrated under the skin in the treatment area. This makes the procedure comfortable and also constricts the blood vessels to reduce the chances of bruising. Next, the physician will make a few tiny openings so that the treatment wand can be placed under the skin. These openings are very small and normally heal up and become invisible after the treatment. The wand will then be passed under the skin, heating its inner layers and stimulating your body to produce collagen, the building block of tighter, more youthful skin. Most ThermiTight treatments last about an hour. You’ll be fitted with a gentle wrap after the procedure, and, if you’ve had a body treatment, you may be advised to wear a compression garment for a week or so after the procedure to help reduce any temporary swelling.


What are the best options for men who want to subtly improve sagging skin?

As with women, it’s important to many men to achieve great results without anyone knowing they had work done. That being said, many non-surgical skin tightening options are not as effective for men because they have thicker skin. ThermiTight can be a good option because it introduces tightening energy from inside the skin using a small incision for this reason. Conservative use of dermal fillers can also be an excellent option for sagging.

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