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NvLift Face and Neck Lift

Introducing a Facelift and Neck lift that’s more than skin-deep, available exclusively at Reflections.

The Natural microVector Lift(NvLift℠) takes a new approach to facial rejuvenation, seeking to correct the multitude of small changes sprinkled throughout the skin, fat, and muscle of the face and neck. By making many small adjustments, precisely where changes have occurred, The NvLift can help you look naturally refreshed, and continue to look amazing for many years to come.

 NvLift Face and Neck Lift Quick Facts

  • Dissolvable sutures leave no foreign bodies behind after recovery
  • The Layered Support Stitch creates a more stable and natural-looking result
  • Incision lines heal smoother and more discreetly

What Makes NvLift Face and Neck Lift A Great Treatment

The NvLift is performed under Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia. You can expect to be comfortably awake and totally relaxed throughout your procedure. This advanced option for local anesthesia allows the surgeon several advantages to achieve the best possible outcome. Here are the other benefits of the NvLift Face & Neck Lift:

Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia

Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia allows the surgeon to view and fine-tune your results with precision. Under general anesthesia, muscles are paralyzed and fall limp, so the surgeon must make estimates about where those muscles will lay when they return to their normal tone and movement. With Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia, muscles retain their normal tone and function throughout the procedure, allowing for precise results during the procedure.

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General Anesthesia

General anesthesia uses medicines that pass into the brain and throughout the body. After a surgery with general anesthesia, the body must spend the next 24-48 hours detoxifying itself. This is why you often feel nauseous, loopy, or sleepy after surgery. With Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia, your body doesn’t go through the same intensive detoxification, and can instead focus on recovering from surgery faster.

Layered Support Stitch

The NvLift uses a Layered Support Stitch along multiple microvectors: Traditional facelifts and neck lifts make corrections by moving the skin and muscle in only one or two directions. However, as we age, the muscle, skin, and fat tissues of our faces and necks shift in many small ways, in a variety of directions, and often in different directions for each of those layers. The NvLift precisely corrects those small changes with small multidirectional corrections, within the individual layers, using a Layered Support Stitch, which offers two unique advantages:

  • Dissolvable sutures leave no foreign bodies behind after recovery.
  • The Layered Support Stitch creates a more stable and natural-looking result, by providing flexible support and spreading out the changes throughout the layers of tissue. This is how we are able to achieve natural movement during facial expressions, even when the face begins to show signs of aging many years down the road.
  • Incision lines heal smoother and more discreetly, because there is no single stress point created along the suture line. You can view our incisions gallery here.

Facial microVector Analysis

Facial microVector Analysis is an evaluation tool that was developed by two leading physicians in the field of facial rejuvenation – one who specializes in nonsurgical treatment of facial aging, and one who specializes in surgical correction of facial aging. These two unique perspectives combined to provide a precise way to map the detailed changes to each layer of facial tissue – the skin, fat, and muscle – caused by aging.

Learn more about how Facial microVector Analysis can help you pinpoint the visible signs of aging in your face and neck.

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Dr. Joe Fodero is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. For 20 years, Dr. Fodero has built an amazing resume of plastic surgery work in the New Jersey area and is recognized as a Top Plastic Surgeon in Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, and Body Sculpting. We’re so happy he’s decided to join forces with the Reflections Center team of physicians.