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First Time Getting Lip Filler After COVID Quarantine: Our Patient’s Review

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I felt very safe coming here.”

During this pandemic, we’re prioritizing our patients’ health and safety by taking multiple precautions. For this patient, her first time getting injectables after we reopened from the shutdown — both Baby Botox Injections and Lip fillers — felt safe and comfortable, and her results look excellent as always.

“I felt very safe coming here.”

“It’s the first time I’ve been out since the virus started, and I felt very safe coming here,” she explains. “Everybody is in masks, the doctor is in a full spacesuit—I don’t even know what it’s called,” she jokes, referencing Dr. Chasin’s PPE face shield. “I felt very comfortable.”

At Reflections Center, all of our staff are wearing masks, and patients are asked to do so as well. We’ve installed shields around receptionist areas for extra protection for both staff and patients, and you’ll notice that patients are asked to maintain a safe distance from others whenever possible.

Of course, when receiving her lip injections, this patient had to remove her mask, and it’s not possible to maintain six feet of distance between doctors and patients at all times. For this reason, Dr. Chasin wears a full face shield mask while administering the injections, which only takes a few minutes. As always, gloves are also worn when administering injections to ensure that the process is safe and sterile.

It looks great, and this is the only place I’ll come to that I trust with my face!”
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Once the process was complete, our patient was very happy with her results. “It looks great, and this is the only place I’ll come to that I trust with my face,” she says. At Reflections Center, our procedures are performed by physician injectors, including Dr. Chasin, who deeply understands the best techniques, facial anatomy, and specifics of each product. This ensures that patients receive the best possible results tailored to their specific needs.

Lip filler results tend to last between nine and 18 months, depending on the product chosen for you and your own metabolism among other factors. Botox results last about four months on average. This means that while patients can feel safe and comfortable visiting Reflections Center at this time, they don’t need to worry about multiple appointments and can stay home as much as possible after their procedure.

If you have questions about our COVID precautions or want to schedule your own appointment, call Reflections Center in Martinsville at (732) 356-1666 or in Livingston at (973) 740-2444.