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Review of Cheek Filler (by someone who was afraid to look like an over-filled chipmunk!)

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If I had somebody tell me that they were afraid of how they looked I would definitely send them to Reflections.”

At Reflections Center, a majority of our patients are concerned with maintaining a natural look as they choose to have dermal fillers, Botox, or other non-surgical procedures. One of these patients, Danni, decided to share her experience with Dr. Chasin in the video above. Danni chose Reflections Center to address some aging signs but make sure that she still looked like herself after her procedures.

“When I was choosing a doctor, it was important for me to find somebody who is an expert at injecting.”

Danni came to Reflections because she was noticing deeper nasolabial folds due to volume loss through her cheeks. “I know there’s a lot of places that sell injectors, but I wanted somebody who did that all the time, who was an expert at knowing where to put the volume to give you the right look.” Danni was nervous about an over-filled, “chipmunk” look, but put her trust in Dr. Chasin for his expertise in placing just the right amount of filler in the correct location to achieve her ideal results. “When I was choosing a doctor, it was important for me to find somebody who is an expert at injecting,” she explains. With Dr. Chasin’s reassurance that “he would put the filler in my cheeks to pull my face up,” Danni was ready for her injections.

“It gives me a more natural look”

When performing filler injections, Dr. Chasin takes a “less is more” approach and starts slowly to ensure that patients like Danni achieve a natural look. “He began with doing one needle on one side, the other needle on the other side, and gradually increasing the amounts,” she explains. “This way, it gives a more natural look and it’s gradual.”

After her filler injections, Danni also chose to start Botox treatment for lines and dynamic wrinkles in her forehead. “If I were to scrunch my forehead, it was filled with lines,” she explains. Dr. Chasin again was careful to inject a conservative amount of Botox so Danni could avoid a “frozen” look and express herself freely but with fewer lines.

Following her injections, Danni was impressed with the lack of downtime or negative side effects she had in the past. “In my previous experience, there was bruising. I had no bruising, nothing. I was able to go to work the next day,” she says. “Even that same evening I went out to dinner and there was no sign that I had work done except for the improvement.” Bruising can occur after injections when the injector knicks a blood vessel or neglects to advise patients to avoid blood-thinning agents like aspirin before their injections. More experienced injectors like Dr. Chasin can avoid bruising much more effectively because they are using proper technique, using cannulas whenever possible, and using vein lights to visualize the exact individual’s anatomy.

After her positive experience, Danni says that she would recommend Reflections Center to others who are looking for natural results or who were hesitant to start injectables. “I would reassure them that they would look natural and people may ask them if they’ve done something different or they just look well-rested,” she says. “But this would be the place to go and not to worry about it.”

In addition to her great results, Danni recommends Reflections Center for her excellent experience in our Martinsville office. “I’m usually taken on time, everybody’s very friendly,” she says. “Everything always goes smoothly. I would recommend Reflections Center to my friends, and I have recommended it to many people already.”

Danni isn’t alone in recommending Reflections Center to her friends. Read more reviews here.

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