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Trying Botox & Fillers for the First Time in My 40’s

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I tried Botox and Fillers for the first time, at age 45, and I love how I look! It was still me, but it was just a more refreshed look. I don’t look tired; and my eyes don’t look droopy or exhausted anymore.”

For patients who are just starting to notice some volume loss, fine lines, and wrinkles, or slight sagging, it may not be time for a facelift, but they can still be unsatisfied with what they see in the mirror. This was true for Patricia, our client who explains that “there were certain things I wasn’t in love with.” For patients like Patricia, a non-surgical liquid facelift using dermal fillers and Botox can be the best option. This procedure allows patients to look refreshed without any downtime.

Patricia made her first appointment at Reflections after turning 45 and noticing some lines in her forehead and eye area. “Every time I looked in the mirror or photos came up, I was really feeling older and older,” she explains. Many patients similarly think they look older than they feel, but thankfully there are simple solutions available.

Patricia chose Reflections after receiving a recommendation from a friend and reading reviews. She was also familiar with Reflections after working at News 12, and says Reflections “had hands-down the best reputation around for work.” Finally, checking out our gallery of before-and-after photos “pushed me over the edge regarding getting this done for myself.” Patricia was tired of spending so much money on creams or facials that didn’t yield the results she was looking for, and scheduled her appointment.

When I first walked through the doors here, they were very welcoming it was definitely very clean,” Patricia says. “It made me comfortable that this would be the place where I would let them put needles or you know touch my skin.

Following her first appointment, Patricia says her results were “amazing. I was so glad I did it.” Dermal fillers and Botox results can be seen almost immediately after being injected, though Botox can take some time before your final results will be clear. To give her a lifted, youthful look, Patricia had dermal fillers placed in her chin and cheek area. Then, Botox was injected in her forehead to reduce dynamic wrinkles. These injectables combined offer a completely rejuvenated look, reducing signs of aging subtly and creating an overall refreshed appearance.

I was in and out in an hour and what I was really getting was a better version of myself.

One of the reasons a non-surgical facelift was chosen for Patricia was that she would still like herself, but be more awake, alert, and youthful. “It was still me, but it was just a more, I guess, refreshed look,” Patricia says of her results. “I didn’t look tired; my eyes didn’t look droopy or exhausted.”

Another benefit is that injectables require zero downtime. Patricia says that “right after my procedure, I literally went to work that day.” She had some lip filler, so that area had some residual numbness, but she was able to return to work and meet with clients without any restrictions or others noticing she had just finished a procedure.