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An injectable facelift that offers instant results, at an affordable price.

The liquid facelift has been Hollywood’s best-kept secret for the past 15 years, and today it’s more affordable than ever to get natural-looking facial contouring without cosmetic surgery using this special injectable technique. Using Botox and fillers, this non-invasive technique can lift, smooth, and create a naturally youthful facial appearance for both men and women.


A liquid facelift is the right choice for you if you’re looking for instant results with low commitment and no downtime, at an affordable price point. The liquid facelift procedure can help treat unappealing facial features such as:

Liquid Facelift Pricing

We believe you get what you pay for, but you should only pay for what you get.

At Reflections, we price our dermal fillers and Botox, the FDA-approved products used to achieve youthful facial contours, by the amount used. For Botox, that’s $17 per unit, with most patients using between 15-45 units.

For dermal fillers, we price by the syringe, starting at $650 a syringe. Most liquid facelifts range between $2,500 – 3,500 at our New Jersey office locations. You’ll receive a quote on your exact pricing based on your individual needs and wants during your free consultation with the doctor.

We also offer financing options for all our procedures, as well as an exclusive Reflections Rewards Plus program, which will allow you to enjoy loyalty savings on your treatments at either of our offices.


The Injector is the most important part of the equation with filler injections
It seems like everyone is offering Botox and hyaluronic acid-based fillers these days, but finding a truly gifted injector can be difficult. A skilled and experienced injector can make your results more long-lasting and better-looking so you don’t seem “worked on”. Here are three key things to look for that will help you find the best doctor for your liquid facelift in New Jersey, or anywhere else:

  1. Experience: look for a doctor who’s been injecting dermal fillers and Botox full-time for the past several years. If they have been, then they’ll likely have some awards to show off – like a Top 250 Award from Allergan (makers of Botox and Juvederm), or a Presidential level award from Galderma (makers of Restylane). These awards show that they’ve purchased a lot of Botox and fillers, and prove they’ve got a good bit of experience under their belt.
  2. Skill: read online reviews and look at before and after photos – are they skilled at creating the kind of natural-looking results you want for people who previously looked like you do now?
  3. Training: Ask about your doctors’ qualifications and training in injectables. Bonus points if they’re training other doctors on how to inject!

Our Physician Injectors are award-winning

Our practice has received a Top 250 / Diamond award from Allergan for the last 5 years and several Presidential awards from Galderma, we have high patient reviews ratings on all the top sites and a gallery full of great, natural-looking results, and our physicians frequently train other doctors on the newest injection techniques.



You should expect some swelling and redness after your treatment. For most patients any redness resolves in a couple of hours and can be easily covered with makeup, allowing people to return to normal activities immediately after treatment. Swelling should be mild to moderate, although certain areas, like the lips, are more prone to swelling, and may stay swollen for a few days. Most patients find this swelling is mild enough that others wouldn’t notice it, and so it shouldn’t prevent you from returning to work or attending social events.

Bruising is rare but possible. Activities that raise your blood pressure, such as intense workouts, can increase your risk of bruising, so we suggest you avoid this for 12 hours following treatment. Should you develop a bruise, we will happily provide you with complimentary laser treatments to help speed up the healing process.

Vigorous rubbing of the treated area may negatively affect your results. Washing your face gently shouldn’t create a problem, but laying face-down in a massage chair for an hour could be problematic, so plan to avoid anything like that for at least 24 hours.


A liquid facelift is a minimally invasive injectable procedure that is generally considered to be very comfortable by our patients. Botox injections are superficial and patients find these small pricks to be quick and easy. Filler injections are often placed deeper, but most filler products come with lidocaine, a local anesthetic, mixed into their formulation, which numbs the area as it’s being treated. On the rare occasion that we use a filler without lidocaine, or for patients who are sensitive to treatment, we can use both topical numbing creams and lidocaine injections to ensure the experience is comfortable.


There are several different named techniques for liquid facelift floating around the internet these days. The 8 Point Facelift is a formulaic approach to the liquid facelift. It outlines exactly where to inject, in what order. While it may be a good framework for teaching newbie injectors how to view the face, we don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach like this technique advocates.

A One-Needle Liquid Facelift is a technique that uses a single opening to inject the dermal fillers beneath the skin throughout the lower half of the face. We try to limit the number of injection points we use, and we use cannulas like this technique does (because it helps limit swelling and bruising), but we don’t limit ourselves to a single injection point for everyone. Why? Because we care most about your results. Whether you have one, two, or more injection points doesn’t affect your comfort during the procedure, overall risk, or the timing of the procedure.

Our physician injectors are trained in all of the top injection techniques and focus on creating the most natural results. We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what we’re able to achieve during your liquid facelift procedure.


A vampire facelift uses platelet-rich plasma, a component of blood responsible for wound-healing and regeneration, to help patients look younger with regenerated skin. Paired with a technique like microneedling, lasers, or fillers, a vampire facelift is an effective way to jumpstart your skin’s natural healing and re-growth process. A liquid facelift, on the other hand, simply uses dermal fillers to improve the profile of the face.


When considering any cosmetic procedure, we believe it’s important to know what other options you might consider. Our practice offers a wide variety of treatment options so that we are able to match each patient with a treatment that not only offers the results they’re after but also fits their lifestyle needs, including downtime and budget. Here are some alternative treatments we frequently discuss during liquid facelift consultations at our practice:

Thread Lifts

The liquid facelift is only able to create a natural-looking lift to the extent that your face has lost volume or fat. When dermal fillers are pushed to lift away wrinkles that are caused due to skin laxity or muscle sag, it often creates a distorted, overly-filled (“cat-like”) result. In order to create a natural result, you need to understand exactly what changes have occurred in the underlying anatomy, and then use the proper treatment techniques to correct those.

When sagging skin is a part of the problem, and instant results are desired, a non-surgical facelift with threads offers the ideal solution. This procedure lifts the skin instantly, and provides collagen support over time, for skin that’s more elastic and firm in the long run. This technique can be used in combination with a liquid facelift or on its own. The pricing for this procedure is comparable, by area, to a liquid facelift. There may be a little more downtime with this procedure, as some patients find they swell a little more after treatment, and prefer to take the evening off after their appointment.

Fat Transfer

Dermal fillers offer a nice, temporary result for restoring lost fat volume. Many patients appreciate that this procedure offers low commitment (the fillers dissolve over time, and can be dissolved quite quickly if you change your mind about the procedure), especially for their first few treatments. But once patients have gotten used to the results of dermal fillers, they often start asking how they can prolong their effects or what more permanent option there might be.

Fat transfer is the most permanent fat restoration option. During this procedure, we harvest fat from an unwanted area, typically your belly or love handles, and transfer it to the face. The results are your own cells, happily transplanted into a new home, where they will continue to provide facial contouring results for the foreseeable future. There is a longer downtime associated with this procedure, and the cost is higher. Although in the long run, this is much more cost-effective than having regular injections of hyaluronic acid-based fillers. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia in our New Jersey offices.

Facelift Surgery

The liquid facelift does have limits on what it can do, and for whom. At a certain point, sagging of the muscles in the face will occur. A facelift surgery is the only way to lift sagging muscles and remove excess, sagging skin. While some improvement can be achieved with minimally invasive volume restoration and skin rejuvenation, full correction will eventually require a facelift performed by a board-certified physician at Reflections Center.

For those patients who decide surgery will never be right for them, we provide some of the nation’s best cosmetic physicians who offer cutting-edge treatments that seek to create natural improvements that will keep you looking great for your age your entire life. With so many treatments offered, it can be hard to know which one will be right for your unique concerns and skin condition. In a consultation with our medical staff, we will be clear and honest about what treatment or combination of treatments is best for you.
Medical Director at Reflections Center

Dr. Mitchell Chasin founded Reflections Center for skin & body as a place where physicians specializing in cosmetic medicine could focus on helping empower patients to feel their most beautiful. Dr. Chasin believes strongly that the best cosmetic physicians are those who are dedicated to mastering their craft through continuing education and collaboration with the industry’s top doctors.