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Shedding some (laser) light on acne scar removal

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Major acne can leave painful reminders in the form of deep acne scars. Not long ago, aside from surgery and other minimally effective procedures, patients with acne scars didn’t have many choices when it came to treatment. Laser acne scar removal has changed all that.

Acne scarring occurs due to skin inflammation. When it is severe, it can cause the skin’s building block—collagen—to deform, resulting in the distortion of the skin’s surface. Laser acne scar removal works by rebuilding the collagen under the skin, which helps smooth the skin out and restore uniform thickness and evens the texture.

The type of laser used to treat acne scars is unique to each patient’s scar type, the age of the scars, and the amount of scarring. Fortunately, Reflections has more devices for laser acne scar removal than any other practice in New Jersey.

Fraxel lasers work for laser acne scar removal by producing thousands of microscopic treatment zones deep in the skin while leaving the surface of the skin relatively unaffected. The result is a remodeling of the collagen in the skin, creating a smoother surface and a more even skin tone. We have several types of Fraxel lasers that are chosen based on the nature of your scars and your ability for downtime.

A pulsed dye laser (called Vbeam Perfecta) is used to treat the redness that often accompanies acne scarring. It works by vaporizing the broken microscopic capillaries that accompany newer acne scars.

SmoothBeam is a diode laser that works as a great preventative measure. In addition to treating active acne lesions, it also helps restore collagen to reduce scarring.

Depending on the nature of your scarring, we can also use Syneron eTwo, Evolastin, Q-Switched Nd:YAG lasers, and more. We have many options and know how best to employ them to get you the very best results.

We also combine lasers with dermal fillers to help to raise up deeper skin depressions, and use specialized chemical treatments like TCA Cross that are particularly effective for icepick acne scars.

Whatever the nature and age of your scars, specialized cosmetic laser practices like Reflections have treatments that can effectively reduce their appearance. If you’re concerned about acne scarring, make sure you talk to a qualified physician who is experienced in the use of lasers to treat acne scars.