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Our Five Hottest Medical Spa Treatments Right Now

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This is a busy time of year at Reflections medical spa, as women and men across New Jersey are eager to repair the ravages of a harsh winter and ready themselves for summer fun. Here are our five most popular treatments as the world comes back into bloom… 

Botox Cosmetic
This is hardly a surprise as Botox is a perennial patient favorite in both our Livingston and our Martinsville offices. Why? Because no other treatment provides the bang for your buck like Botox, especially in the expert hands of our physicians. Patients come back again and again for the wonderful, naturally looking results that are the hallmarks of the Reflections approach. In other words, our Botox always rocks!

Juvederm Voluma Dermal Filler
Our doctors have loved this innovative new dermal filler from the first moment they tried it, and our patients do too because of the truly remarkable results they see from Voluma. Voluma has a unique lifting ability – something that’s brand new to the world of aesthetic medicine – that allows Dr. Chasin and Dr. Petrowsky to precisely replace facial volume lost to the aging process, lifting the apple back into the cheek and making wrinkles and lines fade away. We think this one’s going to be a hit for a long time.

Clear + Brilliant
People can’t stop raving about this affordable fractional laser treatment (we don’t mind – we love happy patients). Clear + Brilliant uses a technology similar to the world class Fraxel laser, but delivers its energy more superficially into the top layers of the skin, banishing unwanted pigment and diminishing the appearance of fine lines. While it might be one of our more gentle laser treatments (which means little to no downtime – yay!), Clear + Brilliant has quickly become the go-to treatment for many of our patients seeking more youthful and radiant skin.

Recent changes to the hand pieces and treatment protocols have made CoolScupting better than ever. With swimsuit season rapidly approaching, body contouring treatments are in demand, and CoolSculpting is by far the most popular non-invasive fat reduction option we have. CoolSculpting takes a novel approach to reducing fat in the belly, love handles, upper back and thighs – it uses controlled cooling to crystalize the fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. The result is a more shapely body without the need for needles, incisions or downtime. Hooray for science!

Laser Liposuction
Our laser liposuction dance card is full all year round, as nothing compares to the wonderful results this one-time treatment can provide. We call laser lipo a minimally invasive procedure, as a few tiny incisions are made to allow a fat-melting laser fiber to work its magic under the skin, and for a stick-thin cannula to gently suction away the unwanted fat. It’s a comfortable treatment that takes about two hours – you’re awake, watching TV, listening to music, chatting with the staff – and requires just a couple of days of downtime. Offering an immediate improvement and results that keep getting better and better, laser liposuction is a one of our favorite treatments to provide, and one of the hottest appointments to get at Reflections as the warm summer days draw near.

Whether it’s banishing wrinkles, evening skin tone or using the latest technology to target those stubborn pockets of fat that diet and exercise don’t seem to reach, our patients are busy saying goodbye to a long and nasty winter and getting ready for blue skies, green trees and the warm summer days that await.

As always, please contact us if you have question about any of these popular treatments – we’re happy to answer them over the phone or in person during a free consultation with one of our expert physicians.