Lateral Brow Lift

Individual results may vary*

As we age, our brows tend to lower in over the eyes, closing off our eyes, and creating a tired, drooped appearance. In the past, this was addressed with a full brow lift, but often this full brow lift procedure was done in such a way that the opposite effect was created, a look of surprise, or of “being done.” Reflecitons is proud to offer an alternative, with a Lateral Brow Lift, which lifts the outside third of the brow, the section that tends to experience the most drooping, back to it’s natural position, without disrupting the proportions of the inner eye, which are usually less distorted by the aging process. In this way, the Lateral Brow Lift creates the natural rejuvenated look that a full brow lift was meant to.


Brow Lift Before and After Gallery

*Please note: Individual results may vary. Many of our patients undergo multiple procedures in the same surgical session to achieve exceptional results. Please click or tap on each photo to learn exactly what that patient has had done.