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Quick Facts About Qwo Cellulite InjectionsQwo is the first FDA-Approved Injectable Cellulite Treatment that releases deep dimples through dissolving the fibrous bands that cause them, with a simple injection of a safe drug that’s been used for years in other medical applications.

Our patients have loved using Sculptra injections and/or Exillis Ultra, a non-surgical ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment, to fix the orange-peel texture of cellulite, but the treatments for the deep dimples of cellulite have thus-far been pretty invasive, most surgical in nature – since they all included various ways of cutting these high-tension fibers that tether the skin to the fascia below. This exact formulation of collagenase has been used for years to release fibrous bands

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Qwo Results: What Can Qwo Do?

Qwo Dissolves Cellulite with InjectionsQwo can help improve the appearance of cellulite by reducing dimpling. This resulted in a 1-2 grade improvement in cellulite scoring of subjects treated during the clinical trials. In plain english, that’s a visible and significant improvement – but the chart of cellulite grading scale below will help you to better understand the magnitude of improvement.

Grades of Cellulite

So when we say people can improve by 1-2 grades of cellulite with Qwo, that means Qwo injections can take someone who has visible cellulite all the time to a level where that cellulite is not only visible with pressure being applied to the skin – and that’s a really big deal – it’s an incredible improvement!


How Much Does Qwo Cost?

The price for Qwo at our New Jersey practices is:

  • $2,100 up to 12 dimples for all 3 injection sessions needed (that’s $700 per treatment)
  • $3,000 up to 24 dimples for all 3 injection sessions needed (that’s $1,000 per treatment)

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Qwo cost is $1900 on sale now!

The Qwo Treatment Process

First, you’ll be evaluated at our offices (or through private video chat consultation) by one of our cosmetic physicians who specializes in cellulite treatment evaluation. This is critical because this free consultation with someone who provides not only Qwo, but a range of treatments, and who is familiar with the anatomy (and potential underlying medical conditions and nuances of treatment) will be able to give you the honest feedback you need to make an informed decision about your cellulite treatments. At Reflections, only physicians who specialize in cosmetic injections will be injecting QWO, not nurses (RNs and ARNPs), physicians assistants (PAs), aestheticians, or technicians.


The actual treatment process follows this format:

Step 1: Marking & Taking “Before” Photos: we start out by documenting your start of this journey with photos and marking the treatments with a surgical marker so that we have good documentation and agreement between doctor and patient about what exact spots are being treated.

Step 2: You’ll relax, tummy down, on one of our exam tables while we inject the treatment areas: There will be several injections – into the exact dimples being treated by Qwo.

Step 3: Right away you’ll be ready to head back to your life – work, working out, or whatever else you’ve got scheduled for that day: there’s no need to worry about how you sit, stand, move, or go about your day.

Step 4: Results Start to Appear Around week 2 or 3: and they improve throughout each treatment, and for up to 90 days following the start of this treatment (which should be about 1 month after your last injection).

A Note on Bruising With Qwo

Most patients will experience some bruising with Qwo. The patient shown above sent us a selfie of her bruising after her first treatment (please forgive the poor quality, she took this on her own in a mirror, so we’re thankful that we have it to show to you, but it’s not the best quality). This type of bruising is very common – it’s not painful, but it is bright. It generally lasts a week or two after the first injection session, and if you have bruising after sessions 2 and 3, it will be far less severe and shorter in duration. Those with skin that’s darker in color seem to have more severe bruising from Qwo – we’re unsure why this is, but clinical studies showed this across the board.


Planning Out Your Qwo Treatments: Fitting it Into Your Schedule

After you and your cosmetic physician at Reflections Center in New Jersey have decided Qwo is a good option for you – based on your budget, lifestyle, anatomy, goals, and medical status – then you can plan your treatment out.


Comparing & Contrasting Qwo to the Competition

Qwo is certainly not the only cellulite treatment – and it’s not the only one we offer, either. The best way to explore the options that are best for you is to schedule a free consultation – either in-person at our New Jersey offices or over secure videochat – with one of our cosmetic physicians.


How to Find the Best Qwo Doctor Near You

Qwo is an injectable procedure, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who performs cosmetic injections is going to be skilled at or qualified to provide Qwo. Since we’re using an enzyme that dissolves collagen, you want to ensure it’s injected only in the exact right places, and that requires a physician or advanced practitioner who understands the anatomy, and who has been trained in this specific procedure.

Find a Doctor Who Performs More Than One Type of Cellulite Treatment

Beyond that, you don’t want someone who only has 1 treatment option to tell you whether you’re a candidate for that treatment – you want someone who’s experienced using all of the best treatments for your concern, so they can tell you which treatment(s) will work best for you based not just on clinical studies, but also on the learned nuances that only experience can provide. And when that consultation is free, like ours are, well it’s just a no-brainer.

Cosmetic & Laser Physician at Reflections Center

Dr. Michelle Ellern’s skillful hands, artful techniques, and warm and caring personality as a cosmetic physician make her a wonderful addition to Reflections. She is certified in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.