For a very long time, skin tightening could only be achieved through surgical means. Then, minimally invasive treatments began to appear that offered smaller incisions and shorter downtime than full surgery. Today, we have IFine and ThermiSmooth, two strong radio-frequency devices that offer impressive tightening, without surgery, downtime, needles, or anesthesia.

Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening for the Face and Neck

Tighten Up Naturally

  • ThermiSmooth is an FDA-cleared procedure
  • Radiofrequency concentrated below the skin to induce collagen rebuild
  • Results build naturally over time and last at least 3 years in clinical studies
  • Rebuild the collagen structure of the skin to lift, tighten, tone, and increase elasticity – repairing crepey skin, loose skin, sagging skin


Easy, Gentle Series of Treatments

ThermiSmooth is both noninvasive and nonsurgical. Nonsurgical means there is very minimized surgical cutting, stitching, or incisions involved. Noninvasive means there is no surgery, needles, or other entry through the skin made. With ThermiSmooth, there are no needles, no anesthesia or numbing, and there is no downtime from work or social activities. Most patients describe the ThermiSmooth treatment as feeling like a warm massage.

ThermiSmooth works by sending radio-frequency from multiple angles to converging points below the skin to heat the skin’s deepest layers, activating the building of new collagen support structures, for thicker, tighter, more elastic and smooth skin. Because ThermiSmooth works by activating your body’s natural processes, the results are not immediate. It usually takes 3-6 months for your body to build the new collagen. However, these results were shown to last at least 3 years in clinical studies.

ThermiSmooth is recommended to be performed in a series of 2 or 3 treatments spaced weeks apart for the most dramatic results. Each treatment takes under an hour to perform and is performed without anesthesia in our comfortable treatment rooms.

ThermiSmooth Provides the Best Results for These Face and Neck Concerns:

UPPER EYELID DROOP typically becomes a concern during the mid-30s to late 40s in most patients.especially of the upper eyelid can be difficult to treat with nonsurgical means. ThermiSmooth for Eyes is really the only effective nonsurgical treatment for this concern.

UNDEREYE BAGS can be caused by a host of underlying causes, from excess fat to loss of normal fat pads to skin and muscle laxity. When loose and too-thin skin is the cause of undereye concerns, ThermiSmooth is an ideal solution. Not only does ThermiSmooth help to improve skin tone, texture, and tightness, but a thicker skin, supported by a good collagen net below will lay smoother over the area.

CROW’S FEET AND FINE LINES AROUND THE EYE are most frequently caused by repeated facial expressions which damage the collagen support below the skin. ThermiSmooth is a great treatment to help rebuild that collagen, creating plumper, more elastic skin that is better-suited to withstand the wear and tear of smiles and squints. Genuine smiles are shown by the crow’s feet, but overdone Botox can freeze away the genuineness of your expressions, including your smile. While our doctors are very attuned to this risk and believe in using Botox to soften, not freeze, expressions. This concern for natural movement in the face has led many patients to rely on ThermiSmooth to erase fine lines and wrinkles, with a natural result that doesn’t dull the sparkle in their eyes.

You will see ThermiSmooth advertised to treat many other areas of concern for the face and neck, including thinning neck skin, wrinkles on the cheeks and forehead, and brow sag. While ThermiSmooth can create good results for some patients in these areas, it is not our treatment of choice for these concerns when patients are willing to consider a minimally invasive option. When only a true noninvasive treatment option will do, ThermiSmooth can provide moderate improvement for these concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for ThermiSmooth?

Most patients are good candidates for ThermiSmooth. The few who are not, are those who have pacemakers (AICDs), and those who have had dermal fillers in the treatment area (under the eye) within the past 2 weeks. (due to concerns that the ThermiSmooth could theoretically cause the dermal filler to dissolve faster).

What is Recovery After ThermiSmooth like?

ThermiSmooth does not require you to take time off from work or social engagements. It’s fairly rare, but some patients do see light swelling the day of their procedure. This swelling should resolve within 24 hours or sooner. Patients should expect to be a little red after the procedure, but this usually resolves in about an hour or so.

What anesthesia or numbing is used with ThermiSmooth?

We are big fans of numbing cream and injections to make treatments more comfortable. But we’re happy to say, with ThermiSmooth, you won’t need, and you won’t want it. ThermiSmooth feels like a warm massage. It’s gentle and warm and relaxing. This is the perfect “newbie” aesthetic treatment because of that.

Who performs ThermiSmooth at Reflections?

Our specialized cosmetic physicians perform our ThermiSmooth procedures at Reflections. In New Jersey, the medical board has stated that only physicians should perform radiofrequency treatments, and we have to agree. ThermiSmooth is a very comfortable and safe procedure, in the hands of a skilled physician, but others may lack the knowledge of facial anatomy to perform the procedure safely and effectively.

Our cosmetic physicians receive special hands-on training on ThermiSmooth and have the experience to ensure maximum results are achieved in each patient.

Is ThermiSmooth safe?

ThermiSmooth is FDA-cleared for safety and efficacy in creating targeted injury and hemeostasis at precise points in the deep skin layers, a technique known to encourage the body’s immune response through the building of new collagen. The ThermiSmooth treatment has been performed for several years, with no significant complications (beyond swelling and redness). Reflections has been performing ThermiSmooth for over 2 years, and was one of the first offices in the country to receive this device.

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