As we age, our brows tend to lower in over the eyes, closing off our eyes, and creating a tired, drooped appearance. In the past, this was addressed with a full brow lift, but often this full brow lift procedure was done in such a way that the opposite effect was created, a look of surprise, or of “being done.” The latest techniques offered by Dr. Mark Karolak, a board certified facial plastic surgeon, offer natural-looking results and a variety of technique options, so that the treatment is tailored to the individual’s need.

Techniques for Natural-Looking BrowLift Results

Lateral Brow Lift

Reflections is proud to offer a Lateral Brow Lift technique, which lifts the outside third of the brow, the section that tends to experience the most drooping. By focusing on this outer portion of the brow, we’re able to lift the brow back to it’s natural lifted position, without disrupting the proportions of the inner eye, which are usually less distorted by the aging process. In this way, the Lateral Brow Lift creates the natural rejuvenated look that a full brow lift was meant to.
Typically, this is achieved through incisions hidden along the hair line, which are well-camouflaged upon healing.

Trans-Blepharoplasty BrowLift

When a patient is having an upper blepharoplasty (or upper eyelid lift) procedure, the browlift can be achieved, through the same incision line, to avoid additional scarring. Typically, the browlift still focuses on lifting the outside third of the brow. This technique is just a way of avoiding an additional line of sutures.

Before & After Photos

Browlift Performed Under Local Anesthesia

Our Browlift procedures, just like all of our facial plastic surgery procedures, are performed under Comfort Calm Local Anesthesia, in our Private New Jersey Surgical Suite. Patients enjoy a comfortable, easy surgical experience, with reduced costs, risks, and recovery time using this alternative to general anesthesia. You should expect to be gently awake, but completely comfortable throughout your procedure. The type of local anesthesia we use constricts blood vessels in the surgery area, reducing bruising and trauma during surgery. This leads to a shorter recovery process.