Regenerative Aesthetics is a new field of medicine that aims to restore and renew the body at a cellular level, using the body’s own healing and growth factors, like stem cells.

Reflections is proud to be leading the way into a new age of cosmetic medical treatments. Regenerative Aesthetic treatments isolate and concentrate the healing and growth factors, including stem cells, within the body, to repair and restore the skin at a cellular level.

Understanding Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells that haven’t yet decided what they want to be when they grow up (i.e. they are “undifferentiated”). When a fetus is first conceived, it is made up entirely of stem cells. It starts with one cell that divides over and over again. As the fetus grows, these cells will commit to becoming certain kinds of tissues, and they will no longer be stem cells after they start to become these new tissues. What is exciting about stem cells is that your body can use them however it sees best, to grow completely new tissues or damaged repaired ones, for results that are completely natural, and all you.
Doctors have known for many years that stem cells are required to heal and maintain the body. For example, your skin is constantly shedding and needs stem cells to build new skin in its place. When patients experience a large trauma, such as a large-scale burn that removes much of the skin, physicians have looked for ways to provide these patients with stem cells to help along the healing process.

We now know that stem cells exist in the adult body in large quantities within our fat.These are known as Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSC). We no longer need to look to controversial sources, like fetuses, or painful sources, like bone marrow. The very best of what already exists inside you can be harnessed and used to repair and renew your body, naturally.

Understanding Growth and Healing Factors

Your blood is one of the best sources of growth and healing factors. Consider how your blood works to seal up and heal a cut on your hand or a scrape on your knee. Now imagine if you could harness that power to supercharge the growth and healing of your cosmetic treatments. Today, we’re using advanced techniques to do just that!

What Can Regenerative Aesthetics Treatments Do For You?

Dark Circles Under the Eyes

For several years, dark undereye circle treatments have been gaining popularity. For most patients, the underlying causes are some combination of poor circulation, thinning skin, and loss of normal fat layer between the skin and blood vessels below (allowing the blue vessels to show through the skin). Typically this is treated by adding back volume between the skin and blood vessels, either with dermal fillers or fat transfer. More recently we have treated this troubling condition with an injection of stem cells derived from fat in combination with growth factors obtained from your own blood in a procedure called Nanofat + PRP.

Acne Scar Removal and Repair

Acne scars are very difficult to remove and repair. The main goal of most treatments is to disrupt and remove as much scar tissue as possible and encourage the body to replace the scar tissue with new tissues. This can make the process slow-going and frustrating for many patients who want to see noticeable results as quickly as possible. PRP and Nanofat are two of our very best tools for creating big change for acne scars. They not only help to significantly boost what laser or microneedling treatments can do, but they also help the body to build that new tissue in larger quantities and much faster. This is one of our favorite applications of regenerative aesthetics, and if you suffer from acne scars, we think you’ll be impressed by the results this can offer.

Laser Skin Resurfacing and RF Microneedling Enhanced Results and Shortened Recovery

Laser and microneedling treatments offer profound results, but most require a series of treatments, with each treatment having at least a few days of downtime. That can really make these procedures inconvenient to fit into your busy schedule. Nanofat and PRP help make these treatments much more effective, and they help cut down the recovery time.

Adipose-Derived Stem Cells from MicroFat or NanoFat

Nanofat, sometimes also called Micro-fat or Autologous Lipodocyte Micronized Injections (brand name ALMI), all refer to the same process of removing fat from the abdomen, love handles, or other parts of the body, and processing the fat to concentrate the stem cells. This creates a high concentration of adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC), which can be injected to encourage the body to grow new tissues.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Poor Plasma (PPP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Poor Plasma (PPP) are two ways of turning your own blood into healing and growth superchargers. Both PRP and PPP isolate and concentrate certain types of cells within your blood, so that we can deliver those cells direcly where your body will be able to make the most out of them.

Be Transformed — Inside and Out

With Reflections’ skilled cosmetics-only physicians, you can expect results that highlight your natural beauty and turn back the clock. We believe when you look good, you feel confident, and that creates positive ripples throughout your entire life.

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