Why Covid-19 is Increasing Tattoo Removal: Dr. Chasin on CBS News

Dr. Chasin spoke on CBS news channel KCAL 9 about how the number of people seeking laser tattoo removal has exploded in recent months. This story was broadcast in both California and New York and featured Dr. Chasin’s explanation of why the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to this increase in demand for tattoo removal. With […]

NJ12 News Interviews Dr. Chasin About How to Lose Weight

Dr. Derek Desilva, host of 12 to Your Health on NJ12 News, interviewed Dr. Mitchell Chasin about what the latest science says about losing weight in a healthy way. They discussed what to eat, how the things you think of “healthy foods” may actually be sabotaging your fat loss goals, what exercise routines actually work […]

EmSculpt on TV

EmSculpt is a hot new technology taking the world by storm – and it’s garnering a lot of media attention and TV appearances. Reflections is proud to be one of the first offices to have EmSculpt, and as such, we’ve been featured on quite a few of these top TV networks talking about the muscle-building […]

NJ12 News features EmSculpt with Dr. Chasin

Dr. Chasin was interviewed by Dr. Derek Desilva, host of “12 to Your Health” on NJ12 News about a brand new technology, EmSculpt, which is the first technology of its kind. This electromagnetic energy device actually makes muscles stronger and bigger while simultaneously reducing fat (nearly as much as CoolSculpting), without surgery, needles, or downtime! […]

EmSculpt on ABC News

Dr. Chasin sat down with ABC News’ THE NOW to talk about an exciting new technology, EmSculpt, that can actually build bigger, more defined muscles. The host starts out by asking, “You look at a video like this and you just have to ask, ‘is this thing for real?’” and the answer is YES! EmSculpt […]

10 Years of BOTOX, CBS Sunday Morning

CBS Sunday Morning visited Reflections Center Martinsville, New Jersey office to celebrate 10 years of Botox, America’s favorite wrinkle treatment.

Zeltiq and Zerona on the Today Show

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Two of the latest body sculpting technologies, both of which are available at Reflections, were on the Today Show this morning.  Watch the clip and give us a call if you’d like more information on either of these breakthrough technologies or other body […]

Choosing the Right Doctor, CBS News

Dr. Chasin discusses how to go about finding a physician that will provide you with the best cosmetic outcomes possible, whether you’re in New Jersey or anywhere else in America.