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Review of Clear + Brilliant Laser & Botox Injections: My Husband FINALLY Noticed My Skin!

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[It] meant a lot to have my family notice. They’re with me all day and they see me all the time, it was like a really big deal.”

Lisa, one of Dr. Wix-Harris’ patients, shared her story of receiving Clear + Brilliant and Botox treatments at Reflections Center. She first came to Reflections Center after noticing brown spots that emerged after spending time in the sun, even though she wore sunblock and a visor. “I don’t typically wear makeup out, especially in the summer, and this was so noticeable it was causing me to wear face makeup,” she explains.

“I don’t want anything crazy or painful, and she recommends things that fix me up very quickly.”

Lisa chose Reflections Center and Dr. Wix-Harris after reading reviews on Google and Realself. “I came up with about half a dozen, and I narrowed it down to Reflections based on those reviews,” she says. “It’s about an hour away, and it’s definitely worth it for me.”

After carefully reviewing Lisa’s concerns and preferences, Dr. Wix-Harris recommended Clear + Brilliant to treat dark spots. “I didn’t want to change the way I looked,” Lisa explains. “I wanted to correct things. I knew nothing about injections, fillers, and laser treatments, so I was a little scared. Dr. Wix-Harris sat with me and went through things and kind of put me at ease.”

Now, Lisa continues to come to Reflections Center for new treatments when she’s ready to address other concerns. She says that Dr. Wix-Harris is “very patient and she’ll go over my options.” Like many of our patients, Lisa prefers non-surgical treatments that require no downtime. She appreciates that Dr. Wix-Harris “never tires to oversell me, she never makes it like ‘I’m crazy.’ She’ll sit, she takes time to work with me. She’s very patient and doesn’t overdo it.” At Reflections Center, we offer a full range of the highest-quality, most effective cosmetic treatments, and our physicians are experts in the procedures they offer. This means that each patient’s treatment plan is customized to them with the exact procedures that can achieve their goals.

“In about five days, my skin was great. I didn’t need to wear makeup, I was just able to put moisturizer on and go out.”

Before the Clear + Brilliant procedure, a numbing gel is applied to the skin for about 40 minutes to ensure that patients are comfortable. Lisa says “the treatment itself was very mild—I didn’t have any issues with it.” After the treatment, it’s normal for the skin to feel warm or for some mild redness to be present. Recovery from Clear + Brilliant is fast and simple. “In about five days, my skin was great,” Lisa says. “I didn’t need to wear makeup; I was able to just put moisturizer on and go out.” While healing, Lisa noticed that her skin had a sandpapery feel, which is typical after Clear + Brilliant, but it wasn’t obvious or visible.

During her appointments at Reflections Center, Lisa notes that “it’s very professional from the time you come into the time you leave. Everyone is friendly, including the doctor. They make you feel comfortable.” She also appreciated that she could freely ask any questions throughout her appointment at Reflections Center and that Dr. Wix-Harris “really put me at ease with a lot of issues that I was having.”

Lisa was happy with the results she achieved from Clear + Brilliant, and her family, friends, and coworkers noticed a change, too. She explains that on the fourth day after her procedure, she walked into her family room and noticed her family looking at her. “They’re like, ‘Oh my God, your skin looks so beautiful,’ which meant a lot to have your family notice,” she says. “They’re with you all day and they see you all the time, it was like a really big deal.” Her coworkers noticed and complimented her skin, too, but Lisa notes that since she still looks like herself, she doesn’t feel obligated to share that she’s had a procedure.

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