If there’s one aesthetic trend that we don’t see going anywhere anytime soon, it’s the surge of non-surgical butt augmentation treatments. These treatments help patients achieve the lifted and round back side that may have been difficult to achieve otherwise. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that exist in the between squats and surgery. At Reflections Center, we understand that each patient has unique goals and preferences when it comes to achieving the form they want, so we offer all the tools for a treatment process that suits each patient best. Although the Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer to the butt) is one of the more permanent methods for butt augmentation, it may not be best for every patient, especially those who are looking for a perky, lifted butt, as opposed to a curvier, larger behind. For patients looking at other options with natural-looking results, a lift without increased size, and/or smoother skin and contours, here are some non-surgical treatments to keep in mind:


Sculptra is an injectable option made with poly-L-lactic acid. Different than hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as the Juvéderm® family, Sculptra produces gradual results as it boosts the body’s collagen production as the product is dissolved. In the case of butt augmentation, this can produce long-term results using the body’s own methods without the downtime or recovery. Sculptra also comes with the benefit of increased skin quality and a reduction in cellulite, which can often be impossible to get rid of without extensive treatment. The downside of Sculptra is that, since the buttocks cover a larger area than an average liquid facelift, a lot of product can be required to get best results with butt augmentation (sometimes requiring up to 10 vials of product). This can put butt augmentation with Sculptra on par with a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure when it comes to cost. Sculptra is the only viable option for nonsurgical non-muscular size increases at this time. Generally, those seeking skin-smoothing effects without largescale size increases, though, find the pricing to be affordable, especially given that sessions are usually spread out over several months.


This booty-building treatment are one of the best options for patients who don’t want more volume but instead want a firmer, more sculpted buttock profile. EmSculpt works by stimulating the muscles with electromagnetic energy, causing them to contract beyond what the body can achieve on its own. This causes the muscle to adapt and rebuild larger, stronger muscles. If you haven’t seen the kind of booty gains you want from squats and barre class, this is the treatment for you! Although it may sound painful, EmSculpt is safe and surprisingly not uncomfortable. Most patients say it feels weird, as if their butt is contracting on its own. But at 30 minutes a session, it’s not a big time commitment and much easier than doing the equivalent 20,000 squats! Our patients typically see results within the first two weeks of treatment sessions that are spaced a few days apart. There’s no downtime required, although some patients report feeling sore the next day, similar to an extensive workout. EmSculpt is one of the best options for patients with an active lifestyle looking to tone and shape the butt with quick results.

Exilis® Ultra

Exilis Ultra is one of the best non-surgical options for skin tightening and firming. This non-invasive (no needles or downtime) treatment uses both radiofrequency and ultrasound energy to heat the collagen matrix within the skin, jumpstarting it to tighten and rebuild itself. This firming and lifting of the skin helps with both cellulite, and age-related skin sagging. Exilis Ultra generally requires a series of at least three sessions spaced one to two weeks apart, and some patients see results at the third week. Most patients are surprised with the level of result they can achieve, how quickly that result appears, and how affordable Exilis Ultra is. The results from Exilis Ultra don’t usually last beyond 1 year, but it is so affordable and easy, that most patients don’t mind the yearly upkeep, especially since the treatment itself feels like a hot stone massage!


For many women, cellulite is a real and frustrating concern, especially on their butt. Fortunately, VelaShape is one of the best techniques to treat it and leave skin that’s smooth, tight, and firm. It accomplishes this through infrared light and radiofrequency, which heat the deep layers of the skin, resulting in boosted collagen growth and a rejuvenated profile. The best part is that this can happen over the course of only four treatments, with long-term results that can be maintained with a healthy lifestyle. As a bonus, VelaShape can be a relaxing and comfortable treatment as the applicator warms and massages the treatment area. It can also be one of the most ideal and cost-effective options for butt augmentation, especially for patients whose main concern is cellulite reduction.

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There are plenty of options for non-surgical buttock augmentation, but it can seem overwhelming trying to pick the right one— or combination of treatments. Your first step is scheduling a consultation with our specialists who can create the right treatment plan for you and make sure you know what to expect. To schedule a consultation, call our Martinsville or Livingston location today!

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