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Botox Princeton, NJ

Botox injections are a non-surgical alternative to smooth unwanted lines and wrinkles in the Princeton, NJ area.

Botox injections are a non-surgical alternative to smooth unwanted lines and wrinkles in the Princeton, NJ area.

Botox in Princeton, NJ

Although Botox has been made popular by celebrities in the last decade or so, it had been useful in the medical field for decades before that. Botox is derived from the Botulinum Toxin A protein and it is an effective treatment for various medical problems like excessive underarm sweating or hyperhidrosis, headaches and migraines, and spasms. Botox is also a neuromodulator and it is this property which is used in the cosmetic industry. As an injectable, Botox temporarily blocks the nerve signals to the facial muscles and helps eliminate dynamic wrinkles which you get from years of facial expressions. When you get Botox, these wrinkles are eliminated giving you smooth skin and any formation of new wrinkles is prevented. This means that you get a youthful appearance and it is easily maintainable with follow up treatments.

If you are apprehensive about the unnatural pulled look from Botox you see on various online forums, you must understand that it is an effective procedure when you choose an experienced dermatologist. Our team at Reflections Center has the training, expertise and years of experience to help you achieve stunning results that appear natural and youthful. The thousands of satisfied patients at Reflections Center are a testimony to our expertise in the field.

It is our endeavor to understand the different cosmetic goals as well as different skin types of our patients before customizing a suitable Botox treatment plan. Our team also helps other dermatologists and surgeons across the U.S. understand these differences and choose the best treatments for their patients. It is our aim to bring the latest innovation to our patients in Princeton and help them achieve the youthful facial definitions they desire. We also offer the alternative neuromodulators Dysport and Xeomin in case you desire subtler results.

Dysport offers more mobility than Botox and we recommend it after analyzing your specific requirements. In the rare case that you are allergic to Botox and Dysport, then we can offer you the alternative Xeomin. Our expert team will give you results that are stunning yet so natural that nobody will ever know that you underwent a cosmetic enhancement.

Botox Alternative Injectable Fillers

We offer our patients the two alternatives to Botox: Xeomin and Dysport, which are perfect for giving you subtler results or when you need only a small amount of correction. Our customized treatments have helped thousands of patients who are enjoying their rejuvenated appearance today. With the natural results you achieve at Reflections Center, you will restore your youthful appearance as well as self-confidence. You can choose from these neuromodulators in Princeton:

Dermal Fillers

For various other facial issues, we offer another kind of injectable called dermal fillers. If you are struggling with volume loss or creases and lines like the nasolabial folds or wrinkles, our expert dermatologists will choose the most suitable fillers. These are a highly customizable treatment and allow us to offer you the desired rejuvenation. Fillers like Sculptra can also be used to treat lipoatrophy which is a loss of facial fat. Patients in Princeton can choose from the following dermal fillers to restore their youthful facial definition:

About Princeton, NJ

Princeton is a town in New Jersey, and it is known for the Ivy League Princeton University. The University campus includes the Collegiate Gothic style Chapel and the broad collection of the Princeton University Art Museum. Visitors also enjoy the Morven Museum and Garden which is an 18th Century mansion featuring period furnishings. In Princeton Battlefield State Park that is a Revolutionary War site, you can see the colonial Clarke House Museum which exhibits historic weapons. Some other historic sites include Albert Einstein House, Jugtown Historic District, Nassau Club, and The Washington Oak.