Clear skin is possible, with the help of cutting-edge technologies.

Acne laser treatment is the newest and most exciting development in the battle against acne. Fast and virtually pain-free, acne laser treatment is the best acne treatment because it’s noninvasive and requires minimal or no down time, making it an excellent choice for anyone living with chronic acne. For many of our patients, acne laser treatment results in the best possible outcome — experiencing clear skin for the first time in years, something they had only dreamed of in the past.

“I have been dealing with adult acne, and it is the absolute worst. I’ve spent so much money on all the different washes and creams, with no improvement. It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Ellern and was treated with the smoothbeam laser that I saw a change. Now, my skin is clear as can be! “
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Acne Laser Treatment: Today’s Best Option for Acne Treatment

At Reflections, we have a wide range of lasers available. Because each patient is unique, our team of physicians will carefully choose the right laser, or combination of lasers, and medications to bring your acne under control and get your skin looking its best again.


Smoothbeam laser is a non-ablative, diode laser that has several applications, the most well known being a gentle and very effective treatment for reducing acne lesions. The Smoothbeam laser delivers a gentle but powerful beam of light that penetrates below the skin to target overactive sebaceous (oil) glands, the root cause of acne. This therapy may also help prevent future acne scarring. In addition to reducing the activity of the gland, Smoothbeam kills the acne-causing bacteria under the skin¹. Smoothbeam requires no downtime and is a safe, fast and effective choice for patients of all skin types2.

Vbeam Perfecta

Vbeam Perfecta is a pulsed dye laser often used in conjunction with other lasers to rapidly bring acne lesions under control. It inactivates acne-forming bacteria on the skin, and targets blood vessels, reducing the appearance of both red blemishes and acne scars that may result from chronic acne 5.

One of our patient's acne transformations with Smoothbeam and VBeam


Isolaz is an acne treatment alternative to antibiotics and topical treatments, that uses light to fight the root causes of acne. It delivers deep pore cleansing, reduces the number of acne spots, helps remove blackheads, oil and debris, reduces pore size appearance, and actually improves skin texture3.

PhotoDynamic Therapy(PDT) with Levulan and Light-Based Therapies

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is one of the main alternatives to Accutane, a medication that can cause very unpleasant systemic side effects. Many patients want to steer clear of Accutane and PDT is a great alternative!

PDT is considered a top acne treatment because it can help even the most severe forms of acne. A medication called Levulan is applied topically and sits on the skin for one hour. We then stimulate the Levulan with pulse-dye lasers and red and blue light therapy. A series of two treatments has been shown to provide a significant improvement in the number of acne lesions (also called pimples)4.

Other acne light-based treatment options include Sebacia Gold Microparticles, Lightwave Red/Blue Light, Blue-U, and Curelight iClearXL

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Medical-Grade Aesthetician Acne Treatments

DermaSweep™ uses a vacuum pump to gently lift the skin surface as a specially designed treatment brush “sweeps away” dead skin cells. This results in a mild peel that polishes the skin to leave it fresh and invigorated. DermaSweep can be used to infuse topical solutions that are formulated specifically to treat acne. This treatment is painless and requires no downtime, and is often combined with blue light therapy to enhance its positive effects. DermaFrac™ is an anti-aging therapy that combines micro needling with the simultaneous delivery of topical treatment solutions in a painless, no downtime treatment. DermaFrac stimulates collagen regeneration while allowing topical solutions to penetrate more deeply into facial tissue, improving the condition of acnaic skin 6.
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Sapphire 3 Photo Abrasion, an excellent alternative to microdermabrasion, is the ultimate combination in noninvasive skin therapies, using unique wet and dry exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, vitamin infusion, and light therapy. A vibrating hand piece is passed slowly across the skin’s surface, effectively and comfortably ablating the outermost layers of skin. The level of exfoliation is customized to your needs and comfort level. This process results in improved skin texture and a decrease in acne lesions.

Blue LED therapy offers additional healing and calming effects as well as inactivating acne-causing bacteria.

Chemical peels are performed by our aestheticians to improve skin texture and tone, and enhance absorption and effectiveness of topical treatments applied during an office visit. A chemical solution is applied to the skin in a controlled manner to remove outer layers of effected skin. After healing, new skin is generated that is smoother and fresher in appearance.

Professional facials are an essential part of an effective skin care regimen. They serve to nourish the skin, counteract signs of aging and combat acne. Our Deep Pore Cosmedical Facial is medically based and specifically formulated to treat acne and oil prone skin types. Emphasis is placed on extraction of impurities and reduction of congested skin.

Oral and Topical Medications for Acne

More traditional acne treatment options include oral and topical medicines, that are often the first line of defense against acne. Based on your medical history and the type of acne you have, our doctors will work closely with you to decide which medications might be helpful to you and what additional treatment approaches will help you achieve your treatment goals. Whatever your treatment plan, oral and topical medications are excellent tools that work well to complement laser and other treatments in the battle against acne. Some of the medications our physicians typically prescribe include Retin-A, Benzoyl Peroxide, topical antibiotics, and oral antibiotics.

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The Emotional Consequences of Acne

Acne can cause physical discomfort and emotional devastation at any age. Many people living with acne feel embarrassed about it and may experience low self-esteem and depression as a result. It can be harder for those with acne to create social connections or explore new career opportunities. Both adolescent and adult acne sufferers know that acne can have lasting emotional consequences.

Reflections’ Customized Approach to the Best Acne Treatment

Because your skin is unique, we formulate a customized treatment plan based on the type of acne you suffer from, your age, your skin type, and whether or not scars are present. Acne is not the same for everyone, and many factors contribute to its development. Therefore, a combination therapy approach is the best way to meet your overall treatment goals. This might include a mix of laser or light therapy, oral and topical medications, and treatments by our experienced aestheticians.

What Should I Expect During Acne Laser Treatment NJ?

Treatments are conducted in our comfortable office by our skilled physicians. Fast, comfortable, and effective with no downtime required, laser acne treatment allows you to go right back to work or school after the treatment.

We will work closely with you to create the best acne treatment plan that will be customized for your type of acne and skin and will most likely include a series of laser or light treatments conducted over three to four months.

Experience the joy of clear skin for the first time in your life!

How Do I Know if I Have Acne?

Acne lesions range in severity from blackhead and whiteheads to nodules and cysts:

Mild Acne: generally hormone related, causing rare, mild breakouts that don’t leave scarring and don’t interfere with life in any way.

Moderate Acne: may include papules, inflamed lesions that appear as small, reddish or pinkish bumps that can be sensitive to touch, or pustules, inflamed, white-centered bumps that can be red at the base.

Severe Acne: characterized by nodules, large, painful, solid lesions that appear as lumps under the skin, and cysts, deep, inflamed, pus filled lesions that can be very painful; both are inflammatory and may cause scarring.

Adolescent Acne

Many of our adult patients suffer from acne, but at Reflections we know that to our teenage patients, living with acne can be particularly devastating. Teens with acne can be so self-conscious and despairing about their condition that they may withdraw socially. Acne can leave a deep and lasting emotional impact on a teenager.

Parents who help their children gain control of acne will set them up for long-term success at managing it. At Reflections we love finding treatment for our younger patients that transforms the way they look and positively impacts their lives.

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