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Judging by the heart-shaped “Antonio” tattoo on her right arm, it’s likely Melanie Griffith believed she and Antonio Banderas would be together forever. But their relationship went the way of most Hollywood couples, and with their breakup came a phenomenon we’re all too familiar with around here: “tattoo regret”. We continue to see more and More »

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There are lots of reasons people in New Jersey and beyond get tattoos, and there are probably even more reasons they want them removed. Fortunately there are options when it comes to tattoo removal for those who have started to rethink their ink.  Check out this handy infographic that outlines the motives, methods and best More »

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Do you mind if we get something off our chest? We now have an additional treatment for getting something off your chest — namely lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and other indicators of aging.  Ultherapy skin tightening has just been FDA-cleared for use on the décolletage, making the area tighter, firmer and with fewer wrinkles in More »

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For years, we’ve heard from our patients across New Jersey that they feel “better” after receiving a Botox treatment. Of course, this makes sense – we’ve often said confidence is a mood-enhancer. If you look better, you’re going to feel better. But it turns out there may be more to Botox treatments than meets the More »

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There’s more than a little irony in the fact that some people are actually afraid of Botox treatment. Why the irony? Botox treatment is often used to relax the corrugator muscles between the brows, which have only one job: to express fear. A quick treatment can erase the lines and wrinkles these “fear muscles” leave More »

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“Does laser hair removal hurt?” It’s the most common thing patients ask when they come in for their first laser hair removal treatment (of course, hair can’t hurt – if it did, there would be an awful lot of screams emanating from salons across New Jersey!). At any rate, many patients are afraid that laser More »

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Summer’s has officially arrived here in New Jersey, which means (ready or not) it’s off with the sweatshirts and on with the swimsuits. It’s the time of year when women and men look for solutions to aesthetic problems that are out of sight and out of mind during the colder months. If there’s one thing More »

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Just because people from all over New Jersey come to Reflections for laser tattoo removal doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate nice body art.  As a matter of fact, tattoo artists in Livingston, Wayne, Morristown, Bridgewater, Edison and many other NJ towns send clients our way to remove their ink so their tattoos can be reworked.  More »

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This is a busy time of year at Reflections medical spa, as women and men across New Jersey are eager to repair the ravages of a harsh winter and ready themselves for summer fun. Here are our five most popular treatments as the world comes back into bloom… 

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We were super excited when CoolSculpting was launched a few years ago. It seemed like just the thing our patients had been waiting for – a clever way to get rid of excess fat without incisions or injections or anything else invasive. Instead, you’d sit and read a book or watch TV for an hour More »

This great non-invasive fat reduction treatment has recently become even better!
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