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The year was 1989 when Botox was approved by the FDA to treat strabismus (crossing of the eyes). The case for Botox cosmetic treatment was discovered when doctors treating strabismus noticed that, in many older patients, wrinkles and fine lines in the skin around the eye would soften and even disappear. Botox cosmetic treatment was More »

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Gravity, the sun and time all have a way of taking their toll on your face (not to mention the stress that comes with living in New Jersey!). But what nature may take away, technology can return in the form of laser treatments, ultrasound, dermal fillers, radio frequencies and treatments such as Botox. Take gravity, More »

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Most folks in New Jersey know that drinking lots of water is great for your health and your skin. But, if you drink that water from a bottle, you could be creating crease lines around your lips. Think of it…if you drink four bottles of water at roughly 35 sips per bottle that’s 140 times More »

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Laser liposuction is minimally invasive and great for people who want to lose stubborn love handles or other troublesome areas of body fat. When it comes to laser liposuction NJ, Reflection is the place to be. Our highly experienced doctors do more laser liposuction NJ than just about anyone. If you’re healthy and get regular More »

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“It was a mistake,” said Shelly R. a laser tattoo removal NJ patient. “I got the tattoo along with some friends when I was 19. I think I regretted getting the thing almost as soon as it was done.” Shelly’s tattoo was a rose and stem that started on her right foot and traveled up More »

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When it comes to laser hair removal NJ doing it right takes skill, the right technology and a thorough understanding of different skin types and kinds of hair. At Reflections Center, laser hair removal NJ is something we have been doing since the technology was first introduced in the mid 1990s. Today, we have assembled More »

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Miss Otis regrets is the title of a song. Truth be told, most skincare doctors would add…her tattoo to that title. More than half of everyone who gets a tattoo wants to get rid of it within about a month (some wish it was gone the next day). In fact, there is a clinical name More »

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Varicose veins and certain types of skin redness on the legs are often caused by heredity, prolonged sitting and standing, weight gain, pregnancy, changes in hormones and other factors. And (hooray) people under age thirty almost never have varicose veins. Apart from the visible signs of varicose veins, other signs include, leg heaviness, leg numbness, More »

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Only a few short years ago saying stretch mark removal was possible was…well…a stretch. It’s different now. Innovative new laser technologies have revolutionized stretch mark removal, offering up effective treatments that require little to no downtime. Stretch marks usually form during growth spurts, pregnancy or weight gain. They occur when rapidly expanding skin is stretched More »

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Let’s face it; a lot of fat is “stubborn” fat. (If fat was easy to lose, we would all be ready for the swimwear catalogs.) Still, fat removal in some areas is more stubborn than in others, thanks to genetics, lifestyle, eating habits and a whole host of other factors. It’s not fair at all. More »

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