New Jersey’s COVID- Protected MedSpa & Plastic Surgery Practice: Reflections Center

Reflections Center for Cosmetic Medicine is well-known as the region’s most prestigious and popular cosmetic treatment practice. Our extensive experience over the last two decades with such a wide range of treatments and protocols has allowed us to shift the way we practice medicine to ensure such a safe and comfortable environment in this new […]

7 Things to Consider Before Laser Treatments

Laser technology can do wonders to rejuvenate skin, reduce pigmentation, and reduce unwanted hair. In fact, lasers can even do a lot more! But, as the demand for effective skincare treatments grows, it’s more important than ever to know how to suss out your options and find the right provider for your goals and preferences. The reality […]

Thread Lifts: The Do’s and Don’ts of Finding A Cosmetic Physician

So, you want to get thread lifts. You’ve considered your options and maybe even spoken with a friend or two. Before you get in the chair, however, it’s important to take a close second look at your search results and your chosen practice. Thread lifts have become a hot topic in the past few years, […]

Why RF Microneedling is Nothing Like the Dermapen Your Aesthetician Offers – and Why You Should NOT DIY Your Microneedling

Microneedling, a procedure that creates micro-channels in the skin using very fine needles, is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic treatments available. Many clients easily confuse the different varieties of microneedling treatments, which include at-home dermal rollers and professional treatments using tools like the Dermapen. A more advanced option, called RF Microneedling, is gaining praise from […]

How Many Syringes of Filler Do I Need?

If you’re thinking about filler, we’re sure you’re wondering “How many syringes of filler do I need to achieve the look I’m after (without looking crazy – and without spending more than I need to)?” The box below gives you an idea of what to expect, and if you’re looking for more details, you’ll find […]

The 4 Results-Oriented Skincare Ingredients You Should Be Investing In

Everyone knows their skincare routine needs to include a face wash, sunscreen, and moisturizer. Those are just the basics. But things get a bit more complicated after that, and most everyone seems to be overwhelmed and confused by the growing number of options for anti-aging skincare products. 2019 seems to have been the year where […]