EmSculpt on ABC News

Dr. Chasin sat down with ABC News’ THE NOW to talk about an exciting new technology, EmSculpt, that can actually build bigger, more defined muscles. The host starts out by asking, “You look at a video like this and you just have to ask, ‘is this thing for real?’” and the answer is YES! EmSculpt […]

Build a Booty Without Breaking a Sweat: Blaire’s EMSCULPT Story

How would you like to build your dream booty without breaking a sweat? Well, when Blaire, one of Dr. Chasin’s cosmetic medicine patients heard about this exciting new treatment she knew she had to give it a try. Blaire already takes great care of her figure but has had little success building a bigger bum […]

Prevent Bad Scars from Ever Happening, Even If You Scar Easily or Keloid

If you’ve had a recent surgery or injury that has left you with a scar, chances are you’re concerned about how that scar will heal. For some patients, scars don’t just easily fade over time and become undetectable. For patients susceptible to developing a keloid over a scar this can be a big concern due […]

EmSculpt VS. CoolSculpting®

Thanks to improving technology, non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments have come a long way in the last decade; reducing downtime and providing impactful results. Non-surgical body sculpting is no different and shows no signs of slowing down, now that more and more manufacturers in the aesthetic space are releasing their own versions of fat-melting, fat-freezing […]

CoolSculpting vs. SculpSure

During the past 5 years, we’ve seen quite a few new technologies for non-invasive fat reduction, including Exilis, Liposonix, Zerona, CoolSculpting, and now, SculpSure. CoolSculpting has been the industry favorite for the past few years. SculpSure is a little different than CoolSculpting, and they both have advantages and drawbacks, so which is better? Find out in […]

Have We Moved Beyond General Anesthesia? How Local Anesthesia is Driving Better Outcomes, Shorter Recoveries, and Safer Surgical Procedures

Reflections center has always put the patient first, and now we’re making patient safety and comfort the focus of surgical procedures, by offering facial plastic surgery and body contouring surgeries under Comfort Calm™ Local Anesthesia, as an alternative to general anesthesia. This new offering of safer anesthesia has proven popular with our patients, allowing them […]