How Many Syringes of Filler Do I Need?

If you’re thinking about filler, we’re sure you’re wondering “How many syringes of filler do I need to achieve the look I’m after (without looking crazy – and without spending more than I need to)?” The box below gives you an idea of what to expect, and if you’re looking for more details, you’ll find […]

The 4 Results-Oriented Skincare Ingredients You Should Be Investing In

Everyone knows their skincare routine needs to include a face wash, sunscreen, and moisturizer. Those are just the basics. But things get a bit more complicated after that, and most everyone seems to be overwhelmed and confused by the growing number of options for anti-aging skincare products. 2019 seems to have been the year where […]

6 Ways To Fight Gravity With Thermage®

Gravity can take a toll over time, and one day you realize you’d like things to be a little higher and tighter than they are. A firm, lifted body is one of the classic signs of youth, but unfortunately, it can feel like a losing battle as time goes on. Although surgery can be an […]

How Your Sleeping Position Can Cause Wrinkles— And What to Do About It

If you get a regular eight hours of sleep, then you’re setting yourself up with plenty of great health benefits. Quality sleep has been well-documented as a way to prevent and manage many different health conditions, both physical and emotional. While getting enough sleep can be an excellent way to improve your lifestyle, sleep can […]

ThermiTight® vs. Thermage®: The Best Non-Surgical Skin Tightening for You

When it comes to weight loss, you’ll likely see some results with enough discipline. One common misconception, however, is that it’s the same case with sagging skin. Over time, skin becomes subject to gravity and a loss of support, leaving it sagging and loose. Unfortunately, not much can be done at home to correct this […]