What Botox Can and Cannot Do

As the most popular non-surgical treatment currently available, almost everyone has heard of Botox. This injectable is the go-to treatment for smoothing lines and wrinkles in the upper face for a more rejuvenated appearance. If you are interested in learning more about this popular injectable or are considering receiving treatments, read on to learn more […]

The Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover

The mommy makeover has become an increasingly popular option among women, but if there’s any trend that’s emerged over the last few years, it’s a preference for non-surgical alternatives. New moms have plenty of things to worry about, so surgery may not always be a possibility. If you’re a new mom considering your mommy makeover […]

CoolSculpting & EmSculpting Savings Event Spring 2019

LIMITED TIME OFFER – MUST BE CLAIMED BEFORE APRIL 1, 2019*   Save $200 on 6 cycles of CoolSculpting PLUS Get 2 Free Sessions of EmSculpt [an additional $2000 value] Save $300 on 8 cycles of CoolSculpting PLUS Get 4 Free Sessions of EmSculpt [an additional $4000 value] Save $500 on 12 cycles of CoolSculpting […]

How to Get Rid of Knee Wrinkles

How to Get Rid of Knee Wrinkles: Kninkles! When most people think of wrinkles, they envision them on the face. However, many individuals have concerns regarding wrinkles around their knees! Knees can look older and unattractive in shorter hemlines after weight gain and/or subsequent weight loss, as well as natural aging processes. As we age, […]

Botox vs Xeomin

Botox® or Xeomin®: Which is Right for Me? There are few other products that have made an impact on the cosmetic industry like Botox® has. In fact, the chances are pretty good that someone you know has had Botox treatments— some statistics put the number of Botox procedures performed each year in the several millions. […]

Using Latisse to Add Pigment Back to White (Hypopigmented) Scars

As time passes, it’s not uncommon for physicians to find an alternative or off-label uses for medications and in the case of Latisse, that’s actually how it’s cosmetic use started. A few years back, there was a study performed to see the efficacy behind using latanoprost (an active ingredient found in Latisse) as a way […]

Dysport Vs. Botox

Both Dysport and Botox are brands of cosmetic wrinkle reducers that block muscle contractions in order to prevent the formation of dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles or lines caused by repetitive facial movement while other wrinkles and sometimes folds are caused by volume loss and facial aging. While both injectables are sometimes used to […]

Carli Bybel Brings Her Mom to Our Office for PRP Injections

By now, you all know how we feel about PRP injections for hair loss. Game-changing. So that’s why it was no surprise that when Carli Bybel heard about the benefits, she knew that her mom had to give it a try. Carli’s mom is a beautiful (and very sweet) woman who like many is struggling […]

My EmSculpt Story: How I Got into Amazing Shape This Summer

“Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, right? And living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me.  I have been a bodybuilder, a lifelong athlete, and have always enjoyed pushing myself to be the best that I can be. However, last year after coming off a diet, I got very sick and dehydrated, and […]