Three options to get rid of double chin

As we age, our slowing metabolism can manifest itself in many different ways, some less appealing than others. A double chin is the result of fat that has accumulated in the lower face. If you are wondering how to get rid of double chin, you now have many options for double chin removal. Technological advancements […]

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

The removal of a double chin used to require invasive surgery that was expensive and required more down time than an injectable approach. Now, there is a solution for double chin reduction that does not involve surgery. It is a simple injectable drug called Kybella, which has just been approved for cosmetic use by the […]

The ABCs of tattoo removal in New Jersey

If you have a tattoo you don’t like you can do three things: A: Wear clothes over it B:Tattoo removal C:Get a new tattoo to go over it A surprising number of people choose “C.” But, if you simply have outgrown the idea of having a tattoo, the right answer is B: tattoo removal. What […]

Got jowls? Uplift can change that

Got jowls? For that matter, got sagging skin in the jawline or neck? There is a remarkable new way to treat these issues. It’s called the Uplift. The uplift procedure uses radiofrequency energy to tighten sagging skin by stimulating collagen growth. Traditionally, radiofrequency energy has been applied on top of the skin. With Uplift, very […]

What’s the best acne treatment? It depends.

No two people are alike. That’s why finding the best acne treatment depends a lot on who you are. Your skin type, how oily your skin is, the type of acne that you’re suffering from, your age, acne location and a host of other factors need to be taken into account when you and your […]

Treating melasma. The key is using the right laser.

Melasma is a skin condition where one or more brown patches appear on the face, and is most likely to occur when women become pregnant, are taking birth control pills, or are undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Heredity is also an important factor in determining who will get one or more melasma patches. Fortunately there are […]

Isolaz: Could it be the breakthrough acne laser treatment for you?

Isolaz is a revolutionary treatment that combines a vacuuming action with a laser to unclog pores while also purifying them from the inside out. The process is called photopneumatics™ and it is often effective where all other acne laser treatment options have failed. The good news is that clinical trials have shown that Isolaz can […]

Smooth your outlook with skin tightening

Relax, everyone says. That’s fine when it comes to your state of mind, but it’s normally not desirable when it comes to your skin. Fortunately, at Reflections Center we have skin tightening treatments that reduce loose, relaxed skin–sometimes in only one visit. There are several remarkable approaches that our doctors can use to get rid […]

Brown spots got you down? Melasma laser treatment can turn that frown upside down

Melasma presents as brown patcheson the face, caused when melanin in the skin concentrates in one area. These brown patches often appear after pregnancy or are due to hormonal changes caused by birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy. Heredity also plays a large factor. In all, it’s estimated that more than six million women […]

Laser acne scar treatment can smooth out a rough condition

Acne and its subsequent scarring can have lasting physical and emotional effects. Acne scars can affect your self confidence, which in turn can affect your social life and even your career. Twenty years ago there weren’t any effective treatments for reducing or eliminating acne scars. That all changed with the introduction of laser acne scar […]