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Melasma presents as brown patcheson the face, caused when melanin in the skin concentrates in one area. These brown patches often appear after pregnancy or are due to hormonal changes caused by birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy. Heredity also plays a large factor. In all, it’s estimated that more than six million women More »

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Acne and its subsequent scarring can have lasting physical and emotional effects. Acne scars can affect your self confidence, which in turn can affect your social life and even your career. Twenty years ago there weren’t any effective treatments for reducing or eliminating acne scars. That all changed with the introduction of laser acne scar More »

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Botox® cosmetic treatment has been around for over a decade and it has revolutionized the way lines and wrinkles are treated. Still, there are still some persistent questions that occasionally pop up which should be put to rest. We’ll tell you what’s fact, and what’s fiction. Will Botox® Cosmetic Treatment make my face numb? FICTION! More »

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There’s no way around it – our skin loses volume as we age, especially in the face. In many ways it literally begins to deflate like a balloon. And like a deflated balloon, the surface begins to sag. Lines begin to form. Something once plump and happy begins to look a little lackluster and sad. More »

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A study from Australia shows that daily use of sunscreen (even in middle age) can result in better looking and less sagging skin. It may be the strongest evidence yet that regularly slathering on sunscreen not only protects your skin from cancer, it can also dramatically slow the nasty effects the sun can have on More »

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The natural aging process causes our bodies to produce fewer fibers and proteins – the very things that provide volume and structure to the skin. This is particularly noticeable on the face. Environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking can accelerate this process. The results are lines, wrinkles and sags. The good news is More »

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Last week we talked about using lasers to treat acne scarring. The good news is that laser acne treatment also does an excellent job of reducing and even eliminating acne in teens and adults. Even better, laser acne treatment is non-invasive, there is little down time and it is almost pain free. Unlike drugs, laser More »

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Major acne can leave painful reminders in the form of deep acne scars. Not long ago, aside from surgery and other minimally effective procedures, patients with acne scars didn’t have many choices when it came to cures. Laser acne scar removal has changed all that. Acne scarring occurs due to skin inflammation. When it is More »

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There’s really not much to love when it comes to love handles. In fact there’s not much to love about any areas of stubborn fat that — despite diet and exercise — just refuse to go away. Fortunately, there are several non-invasive body contouring treatments that can do away with those stubborn fat areas. And More »

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Ulthera, or Ultherapy, as it is called, sends highly focused ultrasound waves just under the skin, delivering just the right energy, at just the right depth to help the skin naturally produce collagen. The result is tighter, smoother skin. An Ulthera procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes, and there is no downtime. While some More »

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